If you want to treat yourself to a bike, you have to ask yourself the right questions: what use do you want to make of it? Are you a born competitor and your next races are already marked in red on your calendar? Or do you simply want to enjoy the landscape of your region by blazing the roads at lightning speed?

There are different types of road bike, suitable for different uses:

  • Road bike
  • Gravel
  • Cyclocross
  • Triathlon

Buying a bike is an investment. It is therefore important that you take stock of what you expect from it. Certain bikes can vary in price, but you can mitigate it by looking for sales or using promo codes such as tredz discount code. Irrespective of the price below are types of bikes that you need to pay attention to.


As the name suggests, the road bike is designed to ride on asphalt. On this type of bike, the body position is sporty and very horizontal, in order to maximize speed and minimize wind resistance. The parts of a road bike include: a “road” handlebar, thin, extremely rolling wheels and a lightweight frame. They are designed to be fast, not to be comfortable! They are perfect for training and racing on asphalt. Perfect for everyday use and not as costly as some of the other bikes here. The perfect bike for speed lovers!

  • Types of surface: road, bitumen
  • Types of use: training, running
  • Light and fast
  • Sporty position, horizontal


Cyclocross is a mix between a road bike and a mountain bike. Also known as XC, cyclocross is a type of racing that many cyclists participate in in the off-season. Participants must complete several laps on different surfaces: grass, technical wooden elements, etc. These races are real challenges for cyclists, who can test their endurance, strength and agility. Cyclocross can therefore ride on a wide variety of surfaces. They look like Gravel, but are designed for more intense courses. This type of bike is a bit more costly than your average road bike but you can get good deals on stores like tredz by using tredz discount code etc.

  • Types of surface: paths, asphalt and gravel
  • Types of use: cyclocross races, training
  • Efficient and stable
  • Comfortable but sporty position


Not everyone is a professional runner. The majority of cyclists pedal for fun and for exercise. If this is the case for you, prefer a more comfortable driving position. In recent years, Gravel (whose name comes from the United States and Great Britain) has become very popular. The shape of its frame is less “extreme” than for those of the road bike, so it is more pleasant. The angles of the frame are shorter, resulting in a more upright riding position. The wheelbase is longer and the tires are wider. Gravel is therefore more stable and grips the ground better. Gravel and trail bike races are very successful in England and United States. Overall, a Gravel is somewhere between a road bike and a cyclocross: it’s a versatile bike!

  • Surface types: bitumen and gravel
  • Types of use: endurance, training
  • Fast and playful
  • Comfortable but sporty position


Triathlon bikes are a more aerodynamic variant of road bikes. This aerodynamics considerably reduces wind resistance. The most recognizable features of a triathlon bike are a straight handlebar and an aggressive geometry frame (steep angles, low stem and handlebars). It is this form of frame that allows the bike to be more aerodynamic. The latter is also designed to reduce the effort produced by the triathlete, who will then have to run! Finally, the rims of the wheels are deeper and have fewer spokes than normal road wheels. This type of bike will cost you a pretty penny but it’s worth it as everything is designed to optimize speed!

  • Surface types: triathlon, timed races
  • Types of use: training, competition
  • Aerodynamic
  • Aggressive stance, for optimal efficiency


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