The Checklist for Office Building Cleaning Services


When you invest in office building cleaning services, the first thing that comes to mind is what you’ll get for the money you paid. Whether you hire a professional cleaning services or in-house cleaners, making a checklist can make it easy to maintain a clean and healthy workplace. In this article, we have prepared the checklists for each section of the office space, so nothing is left untidy or unclean.

Office Desks and Cubicles

The areas where your employees sit and work all day need special care and attention when it comes to cleaning. Make sure the following steps are part of the checklist for area aound work desks:

  • Dust the keyboard and computer screens.
  • Empty the trash cans.
  • Vacuum the floors around the desks.
  • Disinfect all the surfaces around this area.
  • Cleaning the windows

Break Rooms & Kitchens

These are probably one of the most used areas in the office. So, you need to make sure the office cleaning company you choose pays special attention in these areas. The following steps should be part of the checklist for this area:

  • Discard the food items that are expired and clean the wrappers.
  • Make sure the utensils and dishware are cleaned regularly.
  • Empty the trash cans to avoid the accumulation of germs.
  • Disinfect each section of the refrigerator and clean out any old food.
  • Clean the coffee machines, toasters, and microwave to ensure the health of your workers.
  • Make sure to keep the water cooler clean, and add disposable cups. It is one of the most used things in the office, so make sure it stays clean.

Reception and Waiting Areas

These are the areas that are first visible to anyone who enters the office. So make sure it makes an amazing first impression. To achieve that, ensure that the building cleaning services you hire take the following steps:

  • Dust and clean off the desks, tables, and all other hard surfaces.
  • Empty the recycle bins.
  • Organize the magazines or books in the waiting area that your guests might have left.
  • Clean the water cooler, coffee machines, and replenish the cups.
  • Dust the windows, company signs, and other decorative items in the lobby.
  • Disinfect all the floors and hard surfaces.
  • If you have carpet in the waiting area, don’t forget to give it a vacuum now and then. 

All the bathrooms in the workspace need regular cleaning and disinfecting. Here’s how professional cleaners like Jan Pro Okc will keep it sanitary and healthy:

  • Disinfect and wash the sinks and toilets.
  • Sweep the floors to remove the debris and later on mopping them with disinfectant.
  • Discard the paper towels and other recycle bin garbage. Then, disinfect all the surfaces.
  • Replace the paper towels and toilet rolls. 
  • Clean the mirrors with good-quality glass cleaners.
  • Lastly, making sure all the dryers are working properly.

The checklist for office cleaning services doesn’t have to be restricted to these. They are just the common tasks that must be part of the cleaning process. We would recommend hiring a commercial cleaning company like phs for this task. They have relevant experience and can provide high-quality services to make sure your office area is cleaned and sanitized to promote a healthy environment.

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