The Cost Of Nuclear War Between Atomic Countries

nuclear war

Every single step of advancement in technologies, more clearly on the grounds of military aspects, brings out a lot more advanced telecommunications through optical fibers and Mobile Phones, hugely developed artillery, vehicles, equipment, and heavy military ranged weapons come into the vision. All new advancements come at considerable cost of accouterments, artillery means of delivery and Mobile Prices. Such a wide range of weapons brought out skepticism, uncertainty, and trepidation to welfare. Among all the Advanced Military technology and Weapons the strongest and most destructive aspects are nuclear weapons that deliver its force from nuclear reactions. 

The great growling engine of change

To combat the battlefields more efficiently, all the nation-states think nuclear arsenals are mandatory to adopt through advanced technologies, weapons, equipment, structures, and vehicles to release large quantities of energy from relatively small amounts of matter. The number of nuclear weapons and military equipment has drastically reduced by the last of the year, covering the entire globe into the subject. But again, the nuclear arsenals and arms depot is very considerable in number. 

Trailblazer and supervisors

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute; all the states have adopted nuclear weapons and armaments makeup around 13,865 warheads. The number in itself is quite considerable, but there have been a few that are formidable and predominantly powerful among all the states. To that extent, it could entirely alter the demonstration of the whole globe. The number includes Britain, China, Israel, and Pakistan. Only these countries’ warheads range for 100-300 each. Britain, China and Pakistan are the countries that are currently in possession of impressive offensive arms and defensive weapons. 

Nuclear war is about to come

The crucial point of the subject is that the world has negative consequences based on offensive weapons against the mighty nuclear powers of India and Pakistan. As for the fact that Pakistan’s current Prime Minister at the United Nations has been warning against nuclear war between India and Pakistan. You might rather call it a direct deceleration of war. The matter in itself is destructible for both states, but indeed for the entire region of South Asia and even for the entire globe. 

The causes of the nuclear war

By having the idea of destruction, which in itself is far from being a token of affection. All the analysts and experts have been indulged in delivering their facts, possible scenarios, and ideas to the casualties. Of all the reports and facts, they demonstrate a nuclear war that is about to launch by the year 2025. On water scarcity issues, a dispute over territorial issues, more precisely on Kashmir, misfires of military arsenals, and military exercise on borders as they are already considerably populated. Overall, both are sound states, and they would deal with their own business and take measures at their accounts. 

Analysis for nuclear war from Colorado university

The nearest nuclear war in 2025 is sailing into a war zone. Where Pakistan would be having a paramount influence on the one-third population of India territory, on their homeland because of their military nuclear might, 80B pounds thick smoke would cover the whole world leading the climatic changes as reserving of an ice age, shielding of sun rays to the planet reduced the percentage of ozone. Where only those states would survive that have already stored their water and grains.


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