Komodo Beach Resort

The Komodo Beach Resort, a Home Away from Home

Komodo Beach Resort is one of the most luxurious commercial establishments that offer travelers and vacationers world-class food, drinks, sports, accommodations, and other world-class amenities. All of the above mentioned are provided on the premises.

Komodo Beach Resorts are located in different parts of the globe, with most of them located in Indonesia.

Most of the accommodations range in prices, starting from a base price of one hundred and fifty dollars per night and increases in value depending on how long a guest is staying and what amenities he or she wants to have access to.

Komodo Beach Resort is set on ninety hectares of prime secluded land that offers a tranquil and relaxing ambiance for all guests. It is just ten minutes away from the Bali airport.

The resort offers shuttle services to all their guests to and from the airport.

The Komodo Beach Resort is surrounded by white sands beach all around and offers a majestic view of the ocean and beautiful sunsets that are guaranteed to make all couples staying there fall in love again.

The resort boasts over fifteen restaurants and bars, including the beautiful rock bar, over ten swimming pools, plenty enough to get your swim on, and multiple spas with world-class and well-known spa attendants offering world-class spa services. There is also a hydro-therapy sweat pool.

For many years, the Komodo Beach Resort has been a leader in world-class services, hygiene for their clients, and has ensured to put Indonesia on the map as a major tourist destination.

During these pandemic times, Komodo Beach Resort has been a leader in ensuring client safety and satisfaction by regularly sanitizing guest rooms, social distancing measures, and putting strict hygienic measures and standards in place for maximum client comfort.

The Komodo Beach Resort has many different fun activities for kids and adults as well. They include:


With over ten pools in the hotel, you are guaranteed to swim until you have had your fill.

The pools are located all around the hotel, so no matter which side or wing of the hotel you might be in, there is guaranteed to have a pool near you.

Batik Painting Class

In Komodo Beach Resort, you and your loved ones can experience the Javanese batik painting by attending the batik painting classes offered by the hotel.

Batik painting is where you apply wax to the fabric, painting the fabric a different color from the rest of the fabric. It uses dye resistance.

By taking part in this activity with your loved ones, you are guaranteed to become closer than before and acquire new painting skills in the process.

Golf Putting Course

The Komodo Beach Resort offers golfers a beautiful green putting course guaranteed to entertain you.

It is affordable for all visitors to the hotel and is especially wonderful for those golfers looking for shorter courses to play and relax.

By taking part in the golf putting course, you and your loved ones are guaranteed to have fun, become closer, and meet new people.

Golf Course

For the avid golf players, Komodo Beach Resort offers a wonderful, scenic golf course guaranteed to blow you away.

It is a full course where you are offered all the golf equipment to ensure you have the best experience ever.

The course is spacious for many people to play, and the course has different levels of difficulty guaranteed to make you play at your best level.

Beach Picnic

For a romantic getaway with your spouse, the Komodo Beach Resort offers beautiful picnics on the beach.

With all white sands beach, the picnic set on the ocean side offers a beautiful view of the Indian ocean and a beautiful view of the sunset in the evenings.

You will be provided with all the food you wish to consume during the picnic and the site will be set up for you and all you have to do is stroll out into the white sand beach and enjoy your picnic with the warm ocean breeze blowing.


If you are looking for a romantic getaway with your spouse or a vacation with your family, then the Komodo Beach Resort is the perfect destination for you.

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