The Main Types of Lawyers and How to Select the Right One


Most of the time, we need lawyers when we are stuck in any grave situation. The decision made during this situation of anxiety and confusion can prove a big mistake later on. God forbid if you are stuck in any situation, it is best to hold your nerves and select the right lawyer who is a specialist in that area. 

There are several types of lawyers, and all of them can’t be mentioned here. So, we have selected some main types of lawyers according to their specialties and how you can choose the right one according to your needs.

1. Personal Injury Lawyer

As obvious from the name, a personal injury lawyer can help if you have sustained an injury and need compensation for your loss. This injury can include a car accident, injury at the workplace, or any physical harm caused due to a defective and harmful product. 

In any of the above-mentioned cases, all you have to do is give a call to a personal injury lawyer, and he will deal with the case on his own. He will get you compensation for your medical or monetary loss, which includes medical expenses, damaged property, etc. 

2. Estate Attorney

An estate attorney will help you in all matters regarding your estate assets. This includes a wide range of duties, including helping with financial plans, protecting estate property after your death, and managing your last will. 

The Estate attorney will also help you in drafting healthcare directives in case of a medical emergency or accident. If you need your heirs to spare the struggle of managing legal matters, an estate attorney is your way to go. 

3. Family Lawyer

Like most other people, you may be thinking family lawyer as a divorce attorney, but it is not the case. Family lawyers also do many more things other than just divorce. These matters include custody disputes, adoption cases, and matters of annulment. 

Family is not just a guy to finalize divorce or family disputes. Rather he acts like a mediator and handles the situation thoughtfully. In the end, he decides whether you should go with a specific decision or not. 

4. Corporate Lawyer

A corporate lawyer helps companies and businesses in all their legal matters and much more. It may not be as charming as shown on the TV. A business hires corporate lawyer/s to get legal advice on taxes, company rights, and business dealings. 

Corporate lawyers can also help in structuring transactions, negotiating deals, and making final decisions on a company’s legal matters. In case the company signs an agreement with a client, the lawyer ensures that the terms of the agreement are clear and won’t cause problems in the future. 

5. Criminal Lawyer

The name might be a little ambiguous, but a criminal lawyer is not a criminal by himself. Rather he helps criminals who have been charged with a serious or non-serious crime. A criminal lawyer helps process bails, pleas, arrests, and trials. 

They have their specialty in criminal matters and represent defendants in state and federal courts.


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