The Meaning of Each Lunar Eclipse in 2024

Lunar Eclipse
Stages of Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipses have a reputation in astrology for stirring up intense emotions. A lunar eclipse occurs during a full moon when the moon passes into the shadow of the Earth. Astrologers often recommend approaching each lunar eclipse as an opportunity to face your feelings and open yourself up to new possibilities associated with the sign in which the eclipse occurs. Find out more about the meaning of the two lunar eclipses that will take place in 2024.

Lunar Eclipse in Libra

A penumbral lunar eclipse will occur on March 25, 2024, at 5 degrees and 7 minutes of the cardinal air sign of Libra. This eclipse accentuates the energetic tendencies of Pluto’s transit into the fixed air sign of Aquarius on Jan. 20.

While the appearance of penumbral eclipses is more subtle than partial or total lunar eclipses, the astrological effects can still be significant. Lunar eclipses tend to reveal aspects of our lives that no longer serve us, which could be more pronounced during an eclipse in Libra. This eclipse can be an ideal time for psychic medium readings live.

The associations of Libra with balance, diplomacy and justice are positive, but this sign is also known for indecisiveness. This lunar eclipse is likely to highlight uncertainties in areas of our personal and collective experience that are ripe for change.

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

A partial lunar eclipse on Sept. 17, 2024, is the second and last lunar eclipse of 2024. This eclipse will occur at 27 degrees and 41 minutes of Pisces, a mutable water sign.

The transits of Pluto are also likely to influence this eclipse. Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn from Aquarius on Sept. 1, 2024. This eclipse coincides with this final retrograde before Pluto goes direct in Aquarius on Nov. 19 and stays in this sign until 2043.

As the influence of an eclipse lasts for up to six months, this eclipse will offer a preview of a new twenty-year period of collective and personal transformation. Mid-September can be an ideal time to get psychic readings for Pisces, other mutable signs or water signs.

How Lunar Eclipses Can Affect Your Sign

The energetic influences of lunar eclipses are likely to be most pronounced for people who have prominent placements in the sign in which an eclipse occurs. In 2024, there will be significant opportunities for reflection for Libra and Pisces, other air or water signs and cardinal or mutable signs.

Some signs are particularly prone to the effects of lunar eclipses. The zodiac sign of Cancer is a cardinal water sign ruled by the moon. People who have prominent Cancer placements on their birth charts are likely to feel the influence of both of these eclipses.

A lunar eclipse in Libra or Pisces can resonate with any part of your birth chart. You should not hesitate to arrange for psychic readings for Sagittarius or other zodiac signs.

Lunar Eclipse Dos and Don’ts

While a full moon usually invites conscious clearing, most astrologers recommend waiting until after an eclipse to do energy work or manifestation. A lunar eclipse can be a good opportunity to check in with your intuition or schedule a reading with a psychic astrologer.


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