Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021
    Menswear Trends

    India is a country of diverse weather conditions. This is one country that faces the summer as well as the winter season in the most fierce intensity. However, the summer season lasts longer than the winters in the majority of places. To withstand the extremely warm and hot weather conditions, one should meticulously plan up their dresses or clothing for the season. To keep themselves calm as well as cool at all times boxers for men should be chosen. This is a small garment that gives an enormous amount of comfort. 

    This garment has a historical origin in a very different manner. In the earlier times, the men who used to play boxing as a sport realized that they needed a bottom-wear garment that should be loose as well as comfortable by all means. It was during this time boxers were invented and from then to now, there is no looking back when it comes to this garment. With time many modifications have taken place and a pair of comfy boxers has become the most popular bottom-wear for men in recent times, especially with all the work-from-home schedules, the process has become easier. 

    Types of Menswear for Summer

    Boxer pants for men are hugely preferred in the summer season due to the comfortable nature of the garment. One can easily slide into a pair of these and spend a relaxed afternoon indoors without being stressed about anything. Let’s have a look into the types of boxers or underwear that men should surely have a stock of in their closets. The list for the same is as follows: 

    1. Boxer Briefs: These are men’s underwear which is a little longer than the usual briefs and smaller than the usual boxers. It can be used regularly by people because of the comfort it provides everyone with. 
    1. Jockstrap: To all those men, who are heavily into sports, sort your summer season with a pair of jockstraps that would surely give you a lot of comfort. The waist area has an elastic that makes it easy for people to wear the same. 
    1. Trunks: If somebody is looking for a lightweight bottom-wear that wouldn’t cause much heat to the body and keep it cool, then this one is the right pick for you. It is an amalgamation of briefs and boxer briefs. Without many clothing layers, this option is the favourite of a lot of people out there. 
    1. Boxer Shorts: These are very comfortable types of boxer shorts for men with enough space between the skin and the cloth for the proper breathability of the body of a person. These shorts used to be predominantly used by people around the 1920s. However, in recent times one can witness the rise in its utility again. People from the U.S. Military preferred these shorts at large. 
    1. Briefs: A brief is the most basic underwear for men that they wear regularly. It is slightly tighter than the boxers themselves. It keeps the area compact and gives a fitted look to a person’s attire. 

    Trending styles for Boxers for Men

    There are certain ways in which shorts for men can be styled and some of them are mentioned below: 

    • A boxer shorts with a solid T-Shirt 
    • Boxer short combined with an oversized tee
    • A pair of boxers combined with a casual shirt
    • Printed shirts paired with printed boxer shorts 

    Now grab the latest offers on men’s shorts online with a range of variety in this clothing category. The Tribe Members will get an additional discount on every product. This summer, make your style stand out like nobody else by just being casual. Make sure to give comfort priority over anything else along with style. 

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