The Most Necessitated Body Care Vitamin & Minerals


The most essential elements needed to nourish our body is Carbohydrates, Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins, and Fats. The diet we take on daily basis contains mostly carbohydrates, like bread, rice, wheat, etc. Meat, pulses, egg, and milk contain proteins. Oily and fried items contain fats and the rest of the vegetables and fruits possesses minerals and vitamins. We need all these essential elements in a balanced amount. But usually, we focus onto taking only one or two at a time because we avoid taking fruits and vegetables instead of this we use to have snacks and fried items more frequently. In this way, we mostly face vitamin and mineral deficiencies in our bodies! The most common vitamin deficiency we normally face is vitamin D, vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, and lastly Vitamin C. Likewise, we also have some syndromes resulting in the deficiencies of most essential minerals like Calcium, Zinc, Potassium, Sodium, and Iron. 

Vitamins are categorized into two types either water-soluble vitamins or fat-soluble vitamins. The fat-soluble vitamins are A, D, E & K. While water-soluble vitamins are B & C. Fat-soluble vitamins easily dissolve in fats and oil and the water soluble, as the name itself indicates, get dissolved in water easily. Having a look into the following paragraph for further consideration.

1- Vitamin D 

The scientific name of vitamin D is Cholecalciferol. It is naturally present in our skin. It only needs sunlight to get activation. It helps in the restoration of Calcium and Phosphorus ions to get deposited into our bones. It makes our bones super strong. As the bones are composed of 95% calcium and 5% phosphorus present in milk and banana respectively. So if we wouldn’t take enough vitamin D or wouldn’t get enough sunlight, we will have a deficiency of Cholecalciferol and thus Calcium and Phosphorus won’t let deposit in our bones and as a result, our bones get fragile and we will have a syndrome called osteoporosis. Eventually, calcium will remain in the blood and not get absorb in bones and it can be lethal as with a minor hit or slip, the bone could easily be broken down and got fractured. So take vitamin D on daily basis, and immediately order it now with Watsons Offer Code.

2- Vitamin A 

 If you might have a deficiency of vitamin A, you would get blindness as a result. Vitamin A is commonly present in Fish Liver Oil, Butter, and Animal Liver. It is also called Retinol medically. It also helps us out in strengthening our immune system, for child growth, and even we need it for having cell regrowth. Other than this, it is also required for fertility and for hair growth too. If we don’t acquire enough amount of vitamin A in our body, then we can face plenty of issues, on the top of that is you could have a weak sight and weaken immune system. It is also present in bulk amounts in carrots also can intake in a juicy form. Don’t forget to take its daily amount as per the recommendation of your doctor. 

3- Sodium & Potassium

Sodium has a great influence on our body system. As it’s been required for our body cells to do work. The channels present on the cell membranes required sodium Ion to open up and also need potassium ions to get closed. If there would be an efficiency of Sodium ions, the patient get involve in a disease called Hypertension, and if the potassium increases in number, then ultimately it will affect our kidneys. These deficiencies can also alter our whole organ system, so just be careful whilst taking in the doses of these minerals and vitamins!

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