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When you are an entrepreneur or even an individual who wants to make his first website, you should know that you have to go through web hosting. How to choose it? On the one hand, you have to be careful with your choice of accommodation. Dedicated or shared? First, you are alone on a server and you benefit from immediate assistance for your websites. The second, you can find out in this article. Indeed, we are going to give you the advantages and disadvantages of shared web hosting for your website!

The benefits of shared web hosting

The pricing structure

Here is without a doubt the biggest advantage of shared web hosting. Indeed, it will be for you the least expensive way at your disposal to make your site appear on Google.

It must be said that the services given to you for this type of hosting are not the best possible for users, but the vast majority of the time, and in almost all the cases for those who are beginners, this is more than enough.

See for yourself: you can get less than $1 per month thanks to shared hosting with certain providers according to your needs!

So the secret is to clearly identify your needs. Do you need high-performance servers because of a dynamic website with lots of photos, widgets, and videos? Do you need to host only one website? So many parameters to take into account before comparing the different advantages of shared web hosting.

Be aware of course that the more you lower in price, the fewer the number of services offered: fewer websites available per hosting, less web space available for your websites, and sometimes limited traffic, you may be able to quickly find yourself blocked if your site grows so be careful not to fall into the trap.

So, one of the biggest advantages of shared hosting is definitely the price, but study what you need before making your decision! Be aware that this solution is very well made when the needs are not important.

Maintenance and ease of use

What is very strong and which remains one of the very good advantages of shared hosting is the fact that you do not need any special technical skills on the servers and on the sites to maintain the servers in line.

The best providers of this type of service have their own servers and databases in places close to their offices and in rooms configured perfectly to keep the servers running.

The cost of the technical maintenance of this type of server is covered by your web host and therefore you do not need to worry about it! A real advantage therefore for shared web hosting.

You will therefore benefit from professional and efficient technical assistance for a very good price with this offer. Thanks to a dashboard and a monitoring panel, you can perfectly manage all your websites!

The main disadvantage of shared web hosting

However, we need to explain to you the major drawback of shared web hosting: you are not alone on the provider’s server.

Indeed, the fact of being several on the server is one of the biggest disadvantages that you can find. Because of this, when one of the clients has a problem on the server, you can have it too. The most common example is an increase in traffic at one of the customers which slows down the other sites.

But the fact of being with several people (hence the name shared hosting) has other disadvantages. This therefore also leads to a drop in customer support in the event of a problem.

And yes, if you have a dedicated server for your websites, in most cases you will receive priority and personalized help when you have a problem.

But rest assured, the customer support of the best-shared web hosting providers is still very available and efficient when it comes to solving your problems quickly and efficiently.

It is only important that you know that you will not necessarily have maximum fluidity with shared hosting and that you will be limited in space on the server except for the best providers who offer unlimited services!


For several reasons and the advantages that we have mentioned, shared web hosting is a real solution for any user wishing to put his website online on the web, especially for beginners.

It must be said that for a much lower cost than for a dedicated server you can take advantage of a multitude of services and ancillary and appropriate maintenance like in the case of GoDaddy. One of the best, if not the best hosting service out there. It is very easy to set up your website with GoDaddy Email Login and comes with a lot of features and is very cheap.

Be careful, however, of the performance limit that may exist if your site grows, and clearly identify your needs before making your final choice!


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