The Purpose and Rules for Business Development Consultancy


Starting a new business is always associated with certain risks. Novice entrepreneurs sometimes overestimate the prospects of their idea, make mistakes in calculations when drawing up a business plan, and choose not the most optimal tax scheme. Business consulting is designed to help entrepreneurs minimize risks and choose the most effective path of development.

Business consultations have become quite popular with domestic companies today. The reason is basically the same: there is a lack of literacy in solving many business problems. Any entrepreneur may need advice. Professional business advice allows you to look at the company from the outside and establish the functioning of your own production.

In modern business, there are many objects and areas in which assistance is needed (business consulting). These services are used by large and small businesses, startups and experienced businessmen. In Europe and America, business consulting has long become commonplace, because every company needs a contact of a good consultancy services business to discuss it’s doubts and confusions about the business..

Consulting and assistance in the development of small and medium-sized businesses is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to use the experience of an active expert in strategic consulting and business development in online and offline areas. Business development consulting is an opportunity to save time and money on choosing the right business model and developing an effective strategy for development.

While developing an operating company, business development consultancy will allow you to form a working strategy for the development of your business with the help of expert competencies.

Purpose of Business Development Consultancy

In consultancy business, professionals identify the opportunities for development, developing solutions for quick wins and creating long-term competitive advantages

Business Development Consultation is Relevant in the Following Cases:

  • You need to quickly get advice or recommendations on the development of an existing business;
  • There was a need to find a new approach or a solution to an existing problem;
  • You need to look at the business from a new angle or evaluate the opportunities for growth or launching a new direction;
  • It is required to assess business risks and predict the consequences.

In developed countries, business development consultations have long been mainstream, in Russia business consultations are only gaining popularity.

Most entrepreneurs face difficulties in developing and running a business due to the lack of the necessary competencies to scale and develop a company.

Get a ready-made plan for the development of your business for a free consultation with an expert. Consulting on effective business development and running will be useful for both beginners and existing entrepreneurs.

Taking advantage of business advice from existing experts in strategic consulting, you can not only save time on choosing the right management decision, but also avoid financial risks and losses that can lead to negative consequences.

Consultation Rules

  1. Prior to the consultation, the possibility and necessity of providing the service is determined on the basis of the information provided by the Customer and data from open sources.
  2. All information provided by the Customer is confidential.
  3. In the course of consultation, the goals and objectives of the Customer can be specified and supplemented.
  4. The cost of consultations is determined individually.
  5. The minimum number of consultations for one Customer is 3 

What can be Obtained as a result of Consultations

  1. SWOT analysis in the context of achieving a specific task.
  2. Step-by-step action plan.
  3. Several forecasts of the company’s development, depending on the choice of direction and external factors.
  4. Determination (formation) of unique competitive advantages in a specific market.
  5. Analysis of the existing business model and recommendations for the development of key competencies.

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