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    Car accidents are extremely unfortunate but happen quite often. There are many incidents in which the accident is not caused because of the fault of the driver. In situations like these, the loss incurred can toll quite heavily on the pocket. Therefore, to reduce the financial load, it is essential to have car insurance

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    Contacting the insurance agency should be one of the first things you should do if you meet with an accident. Doing it as promptly as possible is instrumental in getting the maximum compensation for the damages caused to the car and any bodily injuries to you or others. It is also essential to remember that the insurance agents will not let go of anything that can enable them not to pay the insurance amount. 

    Therefore, you must know what to say to your agent and what kind of facts you should not disclose. It is also imperative that you file your auto insurance from a reputable company with no ulterior motives. Car insurance lake Charles-based professionals have made quite a big name for themselves in this particular niche.

    Here is a list of few things that you must avoid telling your insurance agency after a car accident:

    Do not try to hide your injuries

    Some people believe that if they are open about their injuries, somehow the blame will shift to them. It is quite the opposite. If you hide your injuries, the agency will try to reduce the claim amount to as minimum as possible. Therefore, be truthful about your injuries, however minor or major they might be.

    Do not allow the insurance agency to record the conversation

    You should know that you have the right to decline being recorded when questioned by the insurance agency. They tend to twist your words and use them against you to reduce the compensation claims. Do not give them that freedom. Talk to your attorney if you have to but make sure that you are free from any records.

    Do not express any personal opinions about the crash

    You do not have to play the judge. Let the insurance agency decide that. They might try to sidetrack you by asking about who felt at fault during the crash. Do not fall into the trap, as they might again use your words against you later. Just state the facts like the time, date, and place of the accident and nothing more.

    Keep your previous injuries to yourself

    Do not make the mistake of talking about the injuries you sustained previously in this conversation. The agency might just go ahead with the notion that whatever damage you had during the crash was just an exaggeration of what you had before. This might even reduce the compensation that you would get for your injuries. Therefore, do not mention the previous injuries at any time to avoid confusion.

    If you are unsure of the answer, do not attempt to answer it

    This is another right that everyone should be aware of when talking to their insurance agent. They have the right to remain silent and not answer a question if they are unsure of the answer. Giving an incorrect answer can cause more harm than not answering at all. 

    Do not lie

    Just like you should not hide your injuries at any time, you should not exaggerate and lie to the insurance agency as well. You should always be aware that good insurance agencies like car insurance lake Charles will always have ways to find out if a story has been fabricated. Any evidence against you can question your credibility.

    • Believe that you are on the firmer side- when you start negotiating with the insurance agency, you should believe that you are in a position of strength. Only then will you be confident enough in your approach.

    These are a few essential points that you should remember when talking about a car accident with your insurance agency. Do not give them any loopholes to hold on to, and you will get your compensation quickly.

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