Tips for a Trip to New Orleans


If you are planning a trip to New Orleans, below you’ll find great tips for choosing transportation, accommodations and leisure.


If you are flying into New Orleans, you will need to figure out how to get from the airport to your actual destination. Consider using transportation options such as renting a car, airport limo services New Orleans or taxi services to meet your needs.

If you think you will be driving throughout your trip and your accommodations offer free parking, a rental car is your best option. However, if you would rather be sans car during your trip, limo and taxi services are a great option; if you are celebrating a special occasion and want to arrive in style, booking a limo for your airport pick-up can be a fun surprise for your group.


The two most popular locations to stay while in New Orleans are the French Quarter and the Garden District.

If you want the convenience of being centrally located, the French Quarter is the place for you. With Bourbon street, tons of shopping and restaurants and beautiful architecture, the French Quarter is a popular choice for both first-time and repeat visitors alike. 

If you would prefer to stay just outside the craziness of the city center, the Garden District is a great option. Here you will find a slower pace, but still full of New Orleans culture. Plus, it is only a short trip into the French Quarter if you want to go in for part of the day.


New Orleans offers so much rich culture, so be sure to spend time exploring the city on a guided tour or a carriage ride. Eating delicious food is also a must during your trip; be sure to try some of the most popular offerings such as beignets, gumbo and po-boys. 

New Orleans has a lot to offer so be sure to spend time planning before you arrive to make sure you can accomplish everything you want to do and see during your trip.

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