Tips For Getting Started Selling on Amazon with Nine University

Selling on Amazon

Having an e-commerce site is commonplace these days, but having an online store that generates sales is another thing as experts explained. According  to Nine University  Amazon allows you to generate a substantial income without any website, with traffic worthy of the Champs Elysees, with strong customer confidence, and all while managing your logistics if you wish. Discover all the secrets of seller central and how to sell on amazon in 2022. Also, know how to find amazon influencer storefront for advertizing your winning products.

Selling on Amazon in 2022

Ecommerce in 2021 is nothing like 2020 and previous years. More and more visitors, prospects, customers are flocking online to shop, with most of the traffic coming from mobile. The marketing approaches of brands and retailers are also changing, and to top it off, there are thousands of new websites popping up every year.

Amazon tells a similar story: the game is constantly changing.

In this article, Nine University experts will explain why you should sell on Amazon in 2022, what to consider before getting started, and how to start selling your products on Seller Central.

Why sell on Amazon in 2022?

The most important answer to this question is: Amazon has a much larger customer base than any other website, even compared to eBay!

There are 300 million active customer accounts on Amazon, compared to 167 million active users on eBay. That’s almost double the number of customers…

Here are other good reasons to consider Amazon in your e-commerce strategy:

  • Access to a wider clientele: 300 million is much more than the number of people likely to come across your website.
  • Exposure of your brand: By selling on Amazon, your brand will be visible to a large number of new customers.
  • More than half of product searches start on Amazon (not Google): Shoppers go straight to Amazon to find what they want to buy. Amazon is a real search engine with purchase intention!
  • Promoting your website will cost you more than PPC on Amazon. Especially since Amazon carries out free retargeting campaigns for your products.
Selling on Amazon
  • Leverage Amazon’s Brand and Reputation: Amazon was ranked the #1 Trusted Brand in 2018, and by association, its customers will trust you too.
  • Amazon has the technology, the infrastructure and the innovation: the little ones don’t – it’s hard to compete with such a prolific e-commerce giant.

Things to consider by Nine University experts before selling on Amazon

  • Will you sell to or on Amazon?
  • What products are you going to sell?
  • Are you going to advertise?
  • How are you going to optimize your SEO?
  • How will you get feedback?
  • How will you price your products and secure your profits?
  • Can you meet the rigorous customer service requirements?
  • Will you use Amazon FBA or ship the orders yourself?
  • How can third-party software tools automate your business on Amazon?

Let’s examine in more detail.

What percentage does amazon take? Here are some other requirements you should know

Item condition requirements also vary from category to category. Some categories, like ‘Musical Instruments’, allow ‘New’, ‘Certified Refurbished’ and ‘Pre-Owned’, whereas in a category like ‘Fashion’ you can only sell new items.

<iframe width=”853″ height=”480″ src=”” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Note that product categories and selling requirements may vary from country to country, so refer to your local site for details.

Fees for each product category also vary, with Amazon taking between 6 and 20% of the sale price, which is known as a “referral fee”.

Optimize your SEO

In addition to paid advertising, see even before we say, you must work on optimizing your listing (amazon product sheet):

  • Write descriptive titles: these should include your keywords, in addition to technical and product information.
  • Images and videos: Include professional, well-lit videos and images showcasing your product from different angles. You have 9 slots – use them all!
  • Product Descriptions: Write a rich description that highlights your product’s features and benefits.
  • Bullets or bullet points: use the 5 bullets by Nine University experts to include the necessary information, do not neglect this SEO space!
  • Background search terms: include all relevant keywords here, prioritizing the most important keywords and removing plurals.


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