Tips for Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

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Our planet is suffering at the hands of the greenhouse effect and ozone depletion which continues to increase with every passing day. With so many pollutants in the air and water, it is no surprise that even indoor air quality is also not fit for health. It is important to improve the indoor air quality services so that you can have a safe breathing space once you enter ‘home’. In this article, we have discussed a few tips for improving indoor air quality. Let’s take a look at these steps.

1. Controlling the sources of pollution

For obvious reasons, you can control and regulate the indoor air quality by taking care of anything which might be causing Indoor air pollution. In the past asbestos was used as construction material. It has been banned due to its implications on human health and its seriously toxic nature. If you think you are surrounded by toxic materials, it is important to get lead and asbestos testing for your property. if it does contain any toxic material, you must call up a reliable service to take corrective measures so as to cut off or reduce their emissions.

2. Ventilation is the key

Indoor air quality can be improved significantly by increasing the amount of fresh air brought indoors which replaces the pollutant air inside. As a good practice, make sure to open the windows first of all when you get up in the morning. Other than this, whenever the weather is pleasant, allow the fresh air to come in by opening windows and doors. Polluted air can also be thrown out by turning on the AC with the open vent control open.

While you are at mission ventilation, carry out the practice for bathrooms, kitchen, lounge, and all the rooms. We highly recommend following manufacturers’ instructions while ventilating because the products or appliances being used for ventilation may also release pollutants into the indoor air.

3. Change filters regularly

You might have installed air purifier to have a safe surrounding within your home. However, it’s not that after putting a purifier in your home you can be done about the air purity. These applications need cleaning on a regular basis. Same is the case for central heaters and air conditioners with inbuilt filters. They are meant to purify indoor air by trapping dust and other pollutants in the air. But, it is important that for their optimum functioning, you change the filters on a regular basis otherwise there is not point of having a purifier.

4. Adjust humidity

Since heat is a big factor in nurturing pollutants, when it comes into play with the moisture in the air, it can be havoc. Combined together, humidity can increase the pollutants concentrations of the indoor air. Consistent humidity for a prolonged period of time can increase the likelihood of mold. Ideally, the indoor humidity should be between 30 and 50 percent. To be sure about this defined range of humidity, you can use a moisture or humidity gauge. It is easily available at hardware stores. If the indicated humidity level is below this range you can use a vaporizer or humidifier to increase it. However, if the indicator is found to be at a higher level, adjust the humidity setting on the humidifier. If it’s not humid outside, you can let in the outside air. In case the weather is hot and humid outside, the only option is to turn on the air conditioner.

Final Words

Polluted air can lead to a lot of health issues. These can be respiratory problems, troubled lungs, skin allergy, eye diseases, and so on. Many times the indoor air quality is poor because of the presence of toxic substances. With Lead asbestos consultant Testing, you can see if the indoor air is clean or polluted. As it is a matter of the health of your whole family, you cannot risk it by going to a new facility that lacks experience or expertise. For professional Residential Indoor Air Quality Testing, ACC Env has emerged as a reliable name in the field of lead asbestos testing. To know more about our services or to get a quotation for testing, get in touch with us.


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