Tips for Motorcycle Adventuring on a Dual Purpose Bike


When we see ads and videos featuring dual-purpose bikes, we often see these bikes running hard under challenging conditions. One must remember that these are not bikes explicitly built for off-roading. Most dual-purpose bikes are primarily cruisers that can go off-road but don’t necessarily need to be treated with kid gloves. And of course, not all bikes are created equal, with some models being much more robust than others.If you are thinking about getting a dual-purpose bike, for this reason, you should do some research to see which models hold up the best. But every bike will do better if you follow a few rules of thumb. Here are a few tips to make your adventure riding a little better for you and your bike.

  • Make Sure Your Bike Can Handle the Dirt: Any bike can handle a little bit of dirt riding, but if you have low clearance fenders and the wrong kind of tires and suspension. You will soon discover the limitations. Most durable off-road capable bikes look the part;like the V85 TT Adventure E4 by Moto Guzzi. You can find a great selection of Moto Guzzi bikes at Wheels Motorcycles.
  • Get Some Protection: The kind of injuries you are likely to have if you come off your bike off-road is different than on the blacktop. When you are on the highway, your primary concern is road rash and hitting your head. In contrast, off-road injuries are often impact-related. You can get whacked and poked by branches;boulders can shatter your feet, and you can fall hard on your ribs. Consider the terrain where you are going and look at some of the gear the Motocross crowd uses. They have got all the best kit.
  • Protect Your Bike: Like you, your bike will face some different threats from the terrain. You should consider swapping out a few items if you plan to make off-roading a habit. Crash bars, off-road levers, and a sump guard are some of the basic improvements that should be considered.
  • Ease Into It: Learning how your bike handles off-road will take a while. Some dual-purpose bikes are cumbersome compared to a purpose-built off-roader;you can’t just throw them around. They also behave differently when you leave the groundor try to power around gravelly corners. Go easy until the riding starts to feel natural.

While cruising the highways on your own can be a joy, you should never go off-road without a buddy. Things happen fast, and you won’t have the benefit of passing traffic. When you ride, get used to standing on the pegs. You can judge the hazards more quickly from a higher position, but you will also become a shock absorber for the bike. Let your knees absorb some of that chop. Your motorcycle and your butt will appreciate it. When you ride, try to use the momentum of the bike to your advantage. Let your speed carry you over the hills, so you don’t lose traction in the steep areas. And make sure you bring along a first aid kit, and some beverages. It’s incredible how much work it can be, but you will have a great time finding that out.

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