Tips for Using Wooden Shipping Pallets


Our blog aims to help you learn as much about wooden pallets as possible. We want you to be able to select the right pallet for your company and learn how they are used. This is vital information because it will allow you to save money and increase efficiency.

Pallets are very important. They are used by all companies and have become the foundation of logistics. Without them, there would be no supply chain. It is crucial that you are able to use them.

1. Don’t settle for any Transport

This sector is known for placing bets on the carrier with the best weather or the cheapest. This may work for you, but it’s very possible that he won’t. Carriers don’t really care about what’s in their back trucks.

You should have your own transport method. We know this can be complicated so we recommend that you get to know your carrier. You should find someone you feel comfortable working with, that you trust and who cares about your burden.

You need someone trustworthy, who is flexible with your schedule and who takes care of the shipment without any bumps or damage.

2. To pack your products correctly, you must first know their names.

You need to be able to pack multiple products in each pallet. This is easy to do. The heaviest items should be placed in the base. Make sure no pieces protrude.

Use plastic wrap if the products are not secured or if you fear they may move. Make sure you have a secure and solid structure.

3. You can stack pallets

The better it is to load pallets in a way that makes them stackable. Don’t worry if you can’t. You still need to consider the safety and stability of your products.

Be careful. Truck boxes can be stacked on top of each other. Don’t stack your cargo if it isn’t possible. It’s better to pay for space you don’t use.

4. Do not try to save money on materials

As with everything else in life, you have to pay for things. Premium quality or new pallets will be more expensive. Do not try to save money on packing materials. You will get a lower quality pallet if you pay less for it.

Recycled and used pallets can be a great option. However, it is important to inspect their condition. Don’t invest in wood that is very old or badly damaged Wooden Shipping Pallets. No matter how expensive they may be, they will still be of value.

5. Communicate deliveries

Lack of communication is one of the greatest problems in logistics. Prior to making a delivery, ensure that the carrier has contacted the company. The carrier should be notified of the arrival date and the type of truck that the merchandise will be transported on.

This will allow you to load and unload the goods more efficiently for both the company receiving the goods and the carrier. They won’t waste their time waiting.

6. Mark each load

All merchandise data must be clearly labeled on pallets. Palettizing is a great way to save time and not have to label every product. You can simply mark the pallet.

All shipment information must be included on labels. This information is crucial for companies and warehouses that receive lots of merchandise.

7. Do not cut corners. Protect them

Protect dangerous edges on your cargo. The protect your cargo with cardboard corners.

Corner pieces are highly recommended, particularly if you work with stackable boxes which can hit or collapse. This will not only protect the operators, but also the load and prevent damage.

8. Avoid empty spaces

Pallets are great because you can optimize cargo space. Pallet platforms are designed to stack boxes and build a solid structure.

If products are not able to form a solid structure and cannot be stacked like boxes it is best for them to have some space between them. If they do move, it will not be possible for them to collide or hit each other. To prevent them from bumping and dancing, you can separate them with paper or cork peanuts.


That’s it. These are just 8 easy tips for loading and using a wooden pallet. These tips can be applied to any kind of pallet. Your products are your most valuable assets. It will be worth it to treat them with love. Learn how to load pallets efficiently and use quality pallets.


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