Tips to remember while cleaning area rugs?


In fact, one of the best investments you make for your home is buying area rugs. A rug not only adds warmth but also provides a perfect conversation point. Regardless of the home style, an area rug provides an authentic look.

Floor coverings such as wool rugs are warm underfoot and provide the utmost convenience. Unquestionably area rugs are highly durable. Along with high durability, their versatility is also admirable. 

No doubt area rugs are a great element. In addition to providing a smooth tone, they also serve as a focal point. Moreover, a rug serves as the focal point. 

Rugs also need frequent cleaning. To maintain their real look and aura, there are some basic tips. Just like carpets, area rugs with unique colour pallets and patterns add breadth to the environment. But along with beauty, frequent stains and spills also come with area rugs, so it’s necessary to learn about the cleaning tips. Area rugs are challenging to clean but Dan Dan The Carpet Man has some suggestions here.

Basic cleaning tips for an area rug

No matter what kind of area rug you have, you need all of this cleaning equipment.

Cleaning tools

  1. 2 buckets
  2. Broom
  3. Old towels
  4. Sponge
  5. Vacuum

Cleaning materials

  • Water
  • A small amount of detergent

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General guidelines

  • Shake out the rug 

To deep clean a smaller wool area rug, choose a sunny, arid day. Hang the rug outside on a sturdy rope, deck board, or a couple of durable chairs. To loosen deeply embedded dirt, use a shovel, wooden stick, or floor beater to smash the rug all over. Remove the rug pad and give it a good shake outside, as well as clean the flooring under the rug.

  • Vacuum cleaning 

Vacuum cleaning is one of the easiest methods for rug cleaning. However, if you are having a wool area rug, never apply harsh beaters. Instead spread the rug on a patio and use a vacuum with gentle beaters. If you have no outdoor space you can also use the garage for this purpose.

  • Use soft detergents 

Take a bucket. Fill it with water. Now add two tablespoons of mild detergent. Dissolve the components. Now place the rug in it. Moreover, take an additional bucket and fill it with cold water.

  • Gentle scrubbing 

Start sponging at one end of the rug. You can do this with a sponge dipped in the detergent and water solution. Dip the sponge in the cleaning solution with light pressure. As soil is transferred from the rug, rinse the sponge regularly. Don’t soak the fibres too much. However, Wool absorbs a lot of moisture and needs a lot of time to dry.

  •  Frequently Rinse 

If you are trying to clean the entire rug. Certainly, a clean sponge is a great idea. Take a sponge and dip it in the freshwater. Now rub it over the rug. Undoubtedly this is an additional step but it is mandatory. This step will remove all the extra soap on the rug fibres. 

  • Use blotting technique 

In fact, the blotting technique is a good idea. Blot the rug with the help of old towels. This will remove all the excessive moisture. Use the same method on different portions.

  • Let it dry

After the process completion, allow the area rug to completely dry. Before placing it back, rotate the rug on different sides. For a fast process hang the rug on an elevated place. Once dried, place it back on the rug pad.

Some important considerations

Besides the above cleaning method, given below are some important considerations. So let’s begin

  • `Avoid rubbing 

For better practice, never rub any stain on a rug. Instead of rubbing, use bloating method. Anyhow you can use paper towels in case of liquids and a wooden spatula to remove solids. The rubbing process causes the stains to go deeper.

  • Don’t play with wet mud 

Never deal with the wet mud. If your area is having wet mud, so don’t clean it until it is dried. It’s quite overwhelming that wet mud is so bad for your rug as compared to dried one. Once your rug is dry remove the mud with a soft tool. However, you can also use vacuuming for this purpose.

  • Follow dabbing 

Regardless of the rug type, never apply the stain remover directly on the rug. Instead of pouring it directly use the dabbing technique. Place it over a small portion and analyze. If the colours begin to bleed, immediately wash it. Indeed it’s a helpful method to remove extra soap from the fabric.

  • Wash gently 

Always use a gentle approach. Moreover, find a stain remover that is specially designed for the rug type. Different rugs have different properties. Anyhow gentle cleaners are always recommended. Simple detergents are also a good choice.

  • Don’t use bleach 

Never apply any bleaching agent on rugs. Most often bleaching agents include ammonia, bleach, or hydrogen peroxide. Moreover, these chemicals affect the look. Furthermore, they also cause colours to bleed.


Probably all the above-mentioned tips are helpful if you buy oriental rugs. Moreover, if you want your area rug to stay clean for a long time, follow these tips.

  • Not only clean the rug at intervals but also introduce no doors inside the policy.
  • If you are not well aware of the cleaning method, probably professional cleaners will help you.
  • In addition to kids, pets can also damage the rug. In the case of messy pets use scents. Try to neutralize the odours. Moreover, you can also use vinegar solution for this purpose.
  • As compared to other area rugs, wool is delicate. To deal with wool rugs try using some dry shampoos. Moreover, a dry carpet bath will also be a good choice.
  • Last but not the least, consider rotation strategy. Rotate the rug seasonally. Undoubtedly this will reduce the fading process. Furthermore, it will also enhance the lifetime of the rug.

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