Top 10 Popular Technology News Websites in Pakistan

Technology News Websites in Pakistan

Are you looking for the top 10 popular technology news blogs in Pakistan? This article will help you to know about the 10 most trusted and popular technology news blogs. In the 21st century, as technology evolves with each passing day, people want to be aware of the latest technologies and developments. For that purpose, they have to seek guidance from the technical masters and the technologies expert, which is quite an expensive way. Therefore, one can get the same amount of knowledge from technology news blogs. It helps in saving a lot of money and time. Following are some of the top 10 popular technology news sites in Pakistan.

  1. ProPakistani

Since 2008, ProPakistan has been known for sharing technologies-related blogs, articles, and content. Though they are sharing different technological developments daily, their main niche is in sharing exclusive blogs on advancements in gadgets, applications, and Internet Service Provider (ISPs). 

Their new initiative is “Digital Pakistan,” in which they share improvised ways to stay connected with the globe in the days of covid-19. Usually, they share their blogs, content, articles on their official site and are also active on Twitter, Facebook, and Google. 

  1. GigBuzz.Pk 

With its tag line” The future is all Gig”, GigBuzz is an economy and news blog that primarily covers latest tech news, the gig and freelance economy Pakistan in specific, online earning in Pakistan, and promoting support and awareness about eCommerce in Pakistan. 

In addition, GigBuzz also covers news on the emerging technologies, startups, and innovations, and various internet-related avenues such as Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality and the future of jobs landscape, and Blockchain technology induction and integration to different aspects of our lives.  

  1. Ministry of Information Technology

The official site of the Ministry of Information Technology is the force behind running This site attracts people from across the country. It provides them with rapid development in IT, advancement in new ideas regarding IT, and sharing new research carried across the world in blogs and articles.

  1. Information Technology Board (PITB)

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) is keen to enhance the living style of every individual of Punjab. Their website,, is sharing content on partnerships, capacity-building programs, news on information technology, and the latest projects launched globally. 

  1. Technology Times

Technology Times is one of the sites in Pakistan that share technology news blogs in both English and Urdu. The best thing is they launch a newspaper that focuses only on technology-related items. Their official website is technology times. pk. So, to know the best about technological developments in Pakistan and worldwide, do visit their site.

  1. PakWired

Hasan Saleem launched Pakwired in Pakistan in 2014, and from then, they have unturned every stone to guide the new entrepreneurs regarding the use of information technology in business.  

  1. TechJuice

TechJuice is one of the most sought-after sites in Pakistan and the world for newly launched phones, mobiles, and gadgets. They are committed to changing the mindset of people regarding the use of information technology in business ventures, cryptocurrency, and business models. 

  1. Redmond Pie

Redmond Pie is sharing news, editorials, and columns on Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Xbox 360. It is best for those interested in developments in the above companies. You can access them through their site:, YouTube- as they are very active on it-and Facebook. 

  1. National University of Science and Technology (NUST)

The National University of Science and Technology has a comprehensive website on IT where you can access and find precise and explicit technologies news blogs in Pakistan.

  1. What Mobile

Open Google and search the specifications and features of any mobile phone, the first site which will come in the search bar is It has a long search DR, and millions of people access it daily.


To know about the technological developments, you have to reach for the news blogs. To cope with the contemporary challenges of information technology, you must visit the sites mentioned above in Pakistan. 

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