Top 10 Upcoming Action Movies 2021

Action movies

2020 has been the most devastating year for everyone. Every industry faced a decline, and so does the glamorous action movies industry as many releases got hindered. With the closing of cinemas and in the reflex of the on-going virus, many productions released their work on digital websites while others decided to wait till this whole pandemic stop. That’s why this year, you have to stick to the Movie Jackets from the past year’s movie.

When James Bond premier obstructed, it was the first biggest shock of this year. The delay of “No Time To Die” was the first block in the surge of movies’ cancellation. Many movies got reshuffled, and now they will release next year after every restriction is lifted. Overall, this has been a bare year for the cinema and fans too. Everyone has their hopes attached to the new releases, and it disappointed fans that they have to wait till God knows how long!

So far, nothing is predictable, but we have a list of movies that are going to release in the upcoming year. We are going to focus on action movies here as who doesn’t love them? Everyone adores their favorite dappers and queens kicking asses in the film. Violence may not be the answer to everything, but these movies are not just about violence. They show you the frantic chases, the mastermind planning, big magnificent machinery, ammunitions, and many more.

So here is the list of 10 upcoming movies of 2021, which are hopefully going to release in the forthcoming year.


We all know if the name James Bond is involved in something, it will be HUGE! Well, we can’t blame 2020 for its delay only as it was scheduled to hit the screens in November 2019, but then it got hindered to February 2020, and then they again scheduled it to April 2020 after Boyle left. This is the 25th sequel of the fascinating James Bond movie series. This is the last time we are going to see Daniel Craig as a charming James Bond. Well, this is one of the great action movies and is going to be full of surprises, that’s all we know right now!

THE 355!

This is another spy movie that is going to be released in 2021. The suspense, mysterious stories, and lots of actions are what make spy movies so desirable. This movie has featured the biggest antagonist ever; that’s what we have depicted from the trailer. This movie shows different secret agents from discerning continents coming together under one roof to confront the global enemy. This movie with all-female spies is going to be a blast! It will be nice to see females in action!


Also known as Fast and Furious 9, related to the franchise of famous action-movie series, Fast and Furious. The foremost best thing about this movie is that it features John Cena (and yeah, now we can finally SEE him!). John is portraying as a villain against Vin Diesel and his team. Another cutest thing about this movie is the family of Diesel with his wife and son. The whole we can predict from the trailer is that John might be the brother of Vin. There is no need even to say that this movie is big! You all must already have the idea.


Don’t know what took so long to release this sequel of the famous Ghostbuster series from the ’90s. However, it is better to come late than never. This movie will show the inheritance of the original Ghostbusters when two kids find out that they have been in the family line of famous Ghostbusters. With action, this movie is also going to be mysterious.


This movie is an American action movie based on martial arts fantasy. This movie is the addition to the Mortal Combat series, and it is going to release in the initial period of 2021. The date hasn’t been finalized yet, but this will be a tremendous addition in the series. This movie will bring the fighting saga back on the big screens.


While others are releasing hot sequels, the Kingsman decided to release the fascinating sequel, giving all actors a chance to play historical roles in a more charismatic style. This movie is linked with the famous action-comedy franchise under the name Kingsman. Well, we all can’t wait to see it on our screens.


This movie is based on The Sopranos; historically, there are very few movies based on shows and turned out to be good. Nonetheless, The Sopranos was the best show of its time, so that we can get our hopes a little high. This movie will take you back to the ’60s and the ’70s; let’s see how it will turn out. This is not full of an action movie, but it is crime-drama, which means the action will be involved in this movie.


Morbius is going to appear on big-screen in 2021; this is a marvel movie. After the success of Venom, a prequel of the villain, Marvel decided to work on another villain movie. Jared Leto will portray as Morbius, a person suffering from a rare blood disease. This blood disease will convert him into a vampire, and that’s where his struggle will start. This is an action-based, thrilling superhero movie that is going to turntables. 


After the successful release of Tomb Raider, the creators have decided to sequelize it. This movie will cover the return of Alicia Vikander as the protagonist Lara Croft for other adventures. We still have no idea whether the gaming-features will be involved or not, but the fact this is movie is going to be full of action stands still.


Godzilla is the crowned king of monsters; no one ever dared to mess up with him. However, now Kong is coming for the throne. We all are waiting with popcorns in our hands for what’s going to happen next? How these two going to fight, and who will survive? Seriously, the toughest thing right now is to wait for the release of this movie, as it will be the best among all other Action Movies in 2021.


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