Top 4 Must-Have Chocolate Christmas Cakes You Can’t-Miss This Christmas Season!

Fondant Christmas Cake with Dried Fruits and Nuts

Besides being health conscious these days, many people prefer eating chocolate cake during the Christmas season as cakes add true meaning to any occasion and Christmas is one of those occasions. 

All of us love to have a diet that is high in proteins and at the same time causes you so many calories. But do you know one hidden fact about chocolate cake? Well, chocolate cake is healthy to have a diet. How? Because it contains dark chocolate which is a healthy supplement to maintain our good health.

Dark chocolate cakes provide you with innumerable benefits like skin glow, reduce your weight as it contains less or no sugar.

Christmas is an occasion that is a combination of carols, good food, and wine. These facts make it an occasion, never to forget.

Today, in this blog, we are going to help you with 4 chocolate Christmas cakes that you can have this Christmas season to cherish your day.

Top 4 Christmas cakes to have this Christmas season!

1.    Torta Caprese

Are you a dark chocolate lover? Well, this Torta Caprese cake is the right fit for you. Even if you are health conscious, you can freely have this delicious cake as it is baked without any flour. The specialty of this cake is that it is just made up of dark chocolate, eggs, sugar, dry fruits, and butter. The powdered sugar is sprinkled on top of the cake, making it look beautiful and worth eating.

To add more beauty to this amazing cake, you can even garnish it with strawberries and raspberries from the top as it will make it look good and taste amazing. After the cake cutting, serving this cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream would be too yummy.

2.    Amandine

Sponge cake is another type of cake which is highly preferred by people on the occasion of Christmas. Another name of sponge cake is Amandine and hence it can either be filled with Romanian chocolate or almond cream. It consists of sugar, rum, vanilla, butter, cocoa, making it the ultimate cake to have on a Christmas day. It can be garnished with the help of whipped cream so it looks good while getting captured for your Instagram post.

3.    Chocotorta

One main quality of this cake is that it is a no-bake cake which is mainly influenced by Italian cuisine. This delicious delicacy is made up of just 3 ingredients, mainly chocolate biscuits, cream cheese, and dulce de leche. It can even contain coffee if you like the taste of it.

4.    Madarica

Another great tempting chocolate cake, namely Madarica is a good one to be selected for occasions like Christmas. The creamy velvety layer of chocolate surrounding the upper portion of the cake makes it look like a rich assortment and hence it is also known to be an original Croatian dessert.

Wrapping Up

So, which one among the top 4 did you like?

Well, all of them had their different characters which makes them unique in every manner. 

Choose the Christmas dessert wisely and add more excitement to the occasion.


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