Top 5 Salt Nic Juice Flavors You Need to Buy


Did you know nic salt e-juice offers quick relief to cravings? Yes, it’s true! Since its inception, nic salt has become more satisfying than regular e-juice, and it was not too long before the entire industry got familiar with it. 

NicSalt is a kind of e-juice with high content of nicotine and works best at lower wattages. Its nicotine is natural as it comes from tobacco plants, particularly leaves. Calling it effective for elevating withdrawal symptoms is no sheer exaggeration. An inclusion of benzoic acid lowers the pH levels and results in a smoother hit. Additionally, its biocompatibility makes it easier to inhale. 

As it is pretty powerful, you can get the same throat hit with less juice, which turns out to be affordable! Even salt Nic juice works very well for devices with lower power. So, if you’re new to nicotine salts, here’s a list of the five online retailers for closed vape pod devices that taste satisfying. 

Pachamama Salts Strawberry Watermelon

Pachamama is one of the cheap nic salts, which provides you with an exotic signature fruity blend in high-strength nicotine salt options. Regarded for its unique flavor combinations, the company includes tropical fruits such as nectarine, guava, pineapple jackfruit, and mango. They come in 30 mL bottles that contain 25 or 50 mg of nicotine salt.

Strawberry and watermelon is a wonderful combination of super sweet e-liquid that gives you a juicy and candy taste to tempt your taste buds. Charlie’s Chalk Dust manufactures this unique Nic salt in the USA that comes with a 50:50 ratio of VG: PG in a unicorn bottle. Upon inhalation, your system will absorb this salt much faster than the regular e-liquids. 

alts Strawberry Watermelon

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Hawaiian POG NKD 100 Salt E-Liquid

NKD 100 has garnered an immense reputation for spot-on flavours. The brand takes the classic creations, combines them with nicotine salt and offers a solid throat hit. It comes in different flavours – from tropical fruit to tobacco in 25 and 50 mg NIC strengths. 

Hawaiian POG manufactured by NKD 100 Salt is the nicotine salt-based e-liquid that tastes identical to its famous counterpart, a freebase version. The USA Vape Lab manufactures the product.

Hawaiian POG comprises here prime flavour profiles: zesty orange, exotic guava, and, most importantly, sweet passion fruit. It is available with 50 mg or 35 mg of nicotine salt and is a highly recommendable product as it gives a fresh fruit flavour to the vapers.

Hawaiian POG NKD 100 Salt E-Liquid

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Salt Nic VGOD Lush Ice

Salt Nic has collaborated with VGOD to offer intriguing flavours ranging around candy, cake, and tobacco Flavors. The VGOD Salt Nic Lush Ice happens to be their signature blend with sweet watermelon and ice menthol. It is available in a 30 ml unicorn bottle in 2 different nicotine strengths – 25 mg and 50 mg, where the VG is 55 and PG is 45. 

Both flavours are irresistibly smooth and great for vaping, making it a highly recommendable e-liquid to vapers looking for cold hits. An excellent thing about this USA-made Nic salt is that it is apt for pod-based vaping devices and devices with low power. 


Solace Vapor is a 2015-established company that prides itself on producing simple Flavors, transitioning vapers to get around. It comes with nearly 20 varieties of salt flavour like candy, fruit, tobacco, menthol, and coffee. They come in 15 mL and 30 mL bottles and are available in 18 mg, 36 mg, and 48 mg nicotine strengths. 

This mint flavour has 50% VG and 50% PG, is available in 2 different strengths – 26 mg and 48 mg, and is suitable for pod mods but not for sub-ohm tanks.

It accomplishes a fantastic and refreshing mint flavour along with a massive volume of clouds. Though the throat hit is smooth, it is pretty intense due to the high nicotine power. This brand always uses high-quality ingredients to make the best Nic salt for vaping a memorable experience. Thus, if you want to experience cold hits, Solace Mint might be your choice.


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Coastal Clouds Saltwater Mint

Saltwater Mint has been manufactured by the top-rated coast-inspired company producing e-liquids, Coastal Clouds. Talking about Coastal Clouds, it covers the bases concerning the variety of Flavors and includes uncomplicated mixes and complex blends. 

Saltwater Mint offers a fantabulous taste that Coastal Clouds only can pull off. The mint freshness gets complimented by the ice-cold hits; of course, there’s no denying the sweet aftertaste. It comes with 50:50 VG: PG and nicotine strengths of 35 mg and 50 mg. All in all, it becomes a beautiful pick but not suitable for sub-ohm users.

Drawing An Endnote

So, these are the top 5 salt Nic juice Flavors that vapers can buy for a fantastic vaping experience. Research well before finalising the one that suits you the best. In general, the levels of nicotine in this salt range from 18 mg to 48 mg! 

Someone who wants to get rid of addictions can start taking 48 mg of nic salt. Most brands provide different Nic Salt levels to suit every type of vapers. But keep in mind that flavor is less enjoyable with higher levels of nicotine. So, go through the descriptions well, take advice from experts and then purchase your ideal Nic salt!

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