Top 5 Things You Must Do In Your North Sikkim Tour 


North Sikkim is one of India’s most beautiful tourist destinations. There are numerous sites to explore in North Sikkim that will provide you with an unforgettable vacation experience. Because of its stunning nature, abundant biodiversity, and picture-perfect location, it is considered as one of the most stunning states in the country. In December, North Sikkim also gets a lot of snow. This is an excellent time to go because the snow is falling. The temperature regularly drops below zero. Everything is dazzling white because the entire area is covered with snow! 

There are activities for all types of travellers in the gorgeous regions of North Sikkim, including paragliding, river rafting, cable car rides, hard treks, shopping, sightseeing, and birdwatching. Sikkim might easily pass for Asia’s most magical destination if you spend a night there witnessing the lower Himalayas tryst with the gleaming moonlight. 

  • Enjoy a quality time at Gurudongmar Lake 

Take in the breathtaking vistas of the Teesta River merging with the Zemu, Kangtse, and Pauhunri glaciers as you ride to Gurudongmar Lake, a dreamlike green lake nestled among flower-filled meadows. Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists consider the lake to be divine. According to legend, Guru Padmasambhava sanctified the lake in response to a request from the locals. You can take lovely shots with the lake as a backdrop, and include it in your North Sikkim tour packages because it is worth visiting. The ideal time to visit Gurudongmar Lake if you want to experience the snow is during the winter months, which run from November to February. You can also visit during the months of April and May, when the rhododendrons blossom, adding to the attractiveness of the already lovely scenery. 

  • Click pictures with rhododendrons in Yumthang Valley 

The Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary, located in Yumthang, is an ecological reserve for more than 21 kinds of Rhododendrons, which are not usually found elsewhere in India due to their weather conditions. The valley, which spans 34 square kilometres, is India’s second largest, behind Uttarakhand’s “Valley of Flowers.” The valley and the trail en route are bathed in eye-popping rhododendrons that appear in a variety of colours such as scarlet, mauve, pink, and red, especially during the spring. The forests of Singba and Varsey are other good sites to see rhododendrons, but Yumthang Valley is a step up with its fir tree backdrop. A picture in front of this backdrop is a must-have for your Instagram feed! 

  • Indulge in adventurous activities

Call it a cheap thrill or something mundane, but no activity in Sikkim is mainstream. Hand Gliding is one of the numerous exhilarating activities available in Sikkim. Adventure sports have grown in popularity in Sikkim, and the locals are now seeking for new methods to fulfil the tourists’ need for adrenaline. Hang gliding can help you do just that. Even if you’ve never tried hang gliding before, you may still enjoy the excitement with the assistance of a professional pilot. This enables tourists of all types to participate in the adventurous activity and make the most of it. Mountain biking is another popular adventurous activity. The Himalayas’ steep and spectacular topography provides some of the most exhilarating biking trails. As a result, mountain biking is a popular activity in Sikkim. River rafting is another popular adrenaline rush activity. You’ll be surrounded by dense forests, rice fields, and tiny hamlets as you paddle along the river. You may even set up a tent and camp on the river’s banks if you’re looking for a little extra excitement. 

  • Try the famous Temi tea

Temi is home to one of India’s, if not Asia’s, most opulent tea estates. Temi went completely organic a long time ago, and this has changed how Sikkimese people drink their tea. With frosting on top, it’s black, sugar-free, fragrant, and incredibly flavorful. The sip of a hot cup of tea in your hands may tempt you to forget the hustle bustle of city life while you’re sitting and enjoying your drink in the mountains. Make a visit to the Temi Tea Garden in November while you’re there. The cherry blossom trees that surrounded the farm bloomed to a new level during this period, making the hillside journey extremely enjoyable. 

  • Spend some time with the friendly locals of Lachung 

The people of Sikkim are noted for their friendliness and hospitality. Getting to know the inhabitants and learning about the culture of Sikkim is a very amusing thing to do there. The natives treat you as if you were a guest in their home, and their hospitality is outstanding. You can certainly pay a visit to some of the Lachen and Lachung residents and spend some time in their adobe. The natives are so welcoming that they would cook some of the traditional delicacies for you to try, and maybe even teach you how to make them. 

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