Top 7 Oncology EHR Software including Cerner EHR and iKnowMed


Looking for a good oncology EHR software for your practice? Find out the top 7 in this piece including Cerner EHR. 

 If you’re unsure whether or not EHR practice management system is necessary for your oncology practice, we can assist you in reaching a conclusion and making a decision. We’ll discuss several Cerner EMR systems that would be great for anyone establishing an oncology clinic in this article.

 We’ll go over a variety of EHR programs in this list, from iKnowMed EMR System to Cerner EHR Software, and perhaps you’ll find something you like. All of the products we’ve mentioned below are industry-leading software, and maybe one of them will be a good fit for you and your requirements!

Top Oncology EHR Software

Cerner EHR Software

When it comes to oncology practices, Cerner is popular software. The oncology system solution is incorporated into the Millennium EHR, extending each client’s health history to encompass oncology. It is committed to partnering with business and medical professionals to improve our oncology services in order to effectively assist the complicated cancer treatment cycle. Clinicians can access earlier outpatient consultations, critical care interactions, test results, pictures, prescriptions, and other vital clinical information using Cerner EHR systems. Giving the care team a complete picture of their patient allows them to make the smartest judgments possible.

If you look at Cerner EHR user reviews, you’ll notice so many people talking about its existing features for Oncologists. As for Cerner EHR cost, users believe that it is very much worth what the software offers. However, to get a detailed review of its features and Cerner EMR pricing plans, you can schedule a Cerner EHR demo. 


The second piece of program on our list is iKnowMed EMR, which includes a slew of useful capabilities that you should take advantage of. This program includes an integration function that enables you to bring together all of the tools you use for your practice in one place! If you use a billing system or practice management software in your daily practice, you can seamlessly integrate them into one location with iKnowMed EMR so that you can use all together rather than having to maintain each program separately. 

The charting tool in iKnowMed EMR is another feature we’d like to highlight because it’s incredibly user-friendly. This function allows you to quickly and easily chart patient data. You can save a lot of time by using this function to cut down on the time it takes you to chart patients and enter data into your software.


AdvancedMD is a fantastic EHR software choice that is widely used in the medical profession for a variety of specialties. Because of all the excellent capabilities, it provides a medical practice, this software comes third on our list after iKnowMed EMR. The feature we’d like to highlight in particular is the billing tool, which allows you to digitalize a substantial percentage of your invoicing so that there’s a much lower possibility of making errors and invoices being refunded much faster!

 This platform’s telemedicine function allows you to see clients remotely via video conference calls. This tool allows you to manage patient appointments from a distance, giving you access to additional clients who might otherwise be unable to use your solutions due to regional issues or other limitations!


PrognoCIS EMR software is popular among medical clinics because of its ease of use. The program has been available since the 2000s and continues to improve with each new release. It is quite popular among oncologists, owing to the specialty-specific templates it offers. The program is suited for practices of any scale; whether you have a little or large practice, it is versatile enough to work in the way that best suits you! The software also features a cloud version and a desktop version which is great.  It allows you to access it from anywhere in the globe! When it comes to Oncology EHR software pricing, you may compare it to other programs to see if it makes budgetary interest for you.


Because of its size, EpicCare is well-known among healthcare experts throughout the US and beyond. Obtaining an Oncology EMR system demo from them is enough to sell a lot of oncologists! The program works on any platform, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It also has cloud and desktop connectivity, so you may use the desktop edition to operate on it when disconnected. It is, however, more suited to larger enterprises, thus smaller practices should definitely avoid it.


Kareo is the second last program on our list, and it has been included due to its many useful capabilities. This system firm makes a point of investing much in investigation and technology. This implies that they will fully implement and train you on the program. As a result, when you choose Kareo, you will receive adequate instruction on how to use the software. Overall, it reduces the learning curve that is commonly involved with software like this! The claims tool in Kareo is also fantastic because it makes filing claims much easier. It increases the odds of your claims being approved and you getting compensated much quicker than expected!


NueMD is a fantastic EHR software choice. The very first aspect we’d like to emphasize is the client enrollment capabilities. That is because it enables you to make the procedure of adding a new patient as quickly as possible! Adding clients to your network takes only a few minutes, saving you and your clients a lot of energy and effort. NueMD also includes an excellent reporting and analytics component that aids in the evaluation of your expenditures. This tool assists you in staying on top of your monetary position as well as identifying and resolving financial problems!

Final Words! Which Software Should You Choose?

We can’t tell you which EHR software to use, but we can assist you in making your decision. Before you commit to the software, we recommend that you request a demo. Requesting a Cerner EMR demo, for example, is the easiest approach to determine whether the product is worthwhile. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the software that’s perfect for you and your requirements!

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