Top Java Web Development Frameworks for 2022


What are Java Frameworks?

Java is one of the most well-known framework names and the oldest programming language and it is widely used by organisations. Despite being the oldest language, many developers are still confused about what it signifies. To explain simple Java frameworks to people, we can mention that they are pieces of software created to make Java programming easier for organisations providing java development services. They are prewritten code sets that you may apply to your web development project set to provide tailored solutions to challenges.

To put it another way, the Java Framework is a collection of predefined classes and procedures that are used to process input, control hardware devices and connect with system applications. It serves as a skeleton, assisting the developer in developing an application by writing their own code. Because each coder is unique, you’d expect a plethora of variations of such useful frameworks to exist. Having said that, let’s look at some of the most popular Java frameworks in this blog.

  • Spring: Spring is a well-known name in Java frameworks. Spring framework is a well-known and popular Java framework that comes with several common criteria that fulfil all of the basic requirements of app development. It is an open-source framework for business applications. There are various reasons why firms should select “Spring” as their app development platform of choice.
  • Hibernate: Hibernate is another well-known brand in the world of Java application frameworks. Because of its stability and connectivity capabilities, most developers & java development services providers use Hibernate. It is a completely open-source and free framework.

The main configuration file for Hibernate is hibernate.cfg.xml. It contains instructions on how to map Java classes to database setup. Hibernate is a dependable object-relational mapping framework that allows Java to connect more efficiently with relational database management systems. Although Hibernate cannot be considered a full-stack framework, it is not comparable to a traditional database. It is an Object-Relational-Mapping (ORM) database for Java applications; it is the Java Persistence API implementation (JPA).

  • Blade: Blade, the third most popular Java framework, is lightweight and lightning fast for generating unique user interfaces and constructing Java-based web applications. During the establishment of the Maven project sections, web developers will find all of their jobs. You may easily start your project without adding many dependencies or an external server, making the web API clearer. You’re ready to go once you’ve launched the project. Blade Java Framework functions similarly to the React Native framework, however, it is simpler and more resilient. You may hire dedicated java developers to work with the same.
  • Google Web Toolkit [GWT]: Google created the Google Web Toolkit, which is the name of this sixth high-performance Java framework (GWT). Google also experimented with a Java web development framework. The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a fully complete and comprehensive web toolkit for all types of online applications that use Google APIs. The ability to transform Java code into Javascript code, as well as provide customisation choices, distinguishes the GWT framework from others on the list. This Google Web Toolkit feature saves a lot of time and allows you to quickly get to the end result without spending a lot of time testing apps.
  • JSF (JavaServer Faces): Often, when developing Java applications, developers must collaborate with backend developers to ensure proper frontend web app development. However, it is the responsibility of this Oracle-built, strong framework to create gorgeous “frontends” for Java applications. Java Server Faces is a Java framework for creating component-based user interfaces for web applications. It is a Java Community Process (JCP) initiative official standard. JSF is built on the MVC software design pattern and comes with certain reusable components. It uses component-based MVC to create a server-side application. 
  • Apache Hadoop: Apache Hadoop is a software platform that employs the MapReduce programming paradigm. We need to understand that it is not a full-stack framework. Large amounts of data (Big Data) can be easily managed, stored, analysed and processed with these techniques, resulting in faster and more efficient outputs. I included Hadoop in my list since it is acquiring a lot of popularity and relevance.
  • DropWizard: Dropwizard is a high-performance but simple Java framework for quickly creating RESTful web services. It’s perfect for creating Java microservices. Dropwizard is a framework that combines many well-known Java modules to provide a fast and distraction-free programming environment. There are other servers that can be used, including Jetty servers such as Google Guava, Logback, Validator, Joda Time and a few others.

Dropwizard is well-known and simple to integrate because it also makes use of Jersey, which can be used to develop RESTful web services and Jackson, which can be used to read JSON. Dropwizard can be used as a standalone ecosystem, containing all of the above-mentioned dependencies in a single package. Dropwizard saves you time by not requiring you to write code for configuration, metrics or other features.

So, what is the best Java framework for web application development?

You must be perplexed after viewing these 7 frameworks as to which one best suits your firm. It all depends on the importance of your business requirements and the best-suited Java framework. These frameworks handle anything from traditional java web development jobs to complicated browser-based apps. The answer resides in the decision you make to make your development process easier, faster and more futuristic. You may hire dedicated java developers to work on the above frameworks.

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