Top Reasons to Invest in Dubai Marina Real Estate

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is known as the heart of the emirate for all the right reasons. Not only is it integral for the residential communities in the city but it also has undeniable significance for the tourism and hospitality sectors of the country. In fact, the presence of skyscrapers filled with residential as well as office spaces makes it a thriving choice for everyone to live in.

For investors, it presents opportunities for a lifetime of profits. Firstly, it’s a freehold zone and that means anyone from anywhere can own properties for the right price. Secondly, it is the most desirable location for residents as well as retailers and businesses. Thirdly, it presents various types of waterfront property that make for perfect luxury living experiences. Simply put, it’s an outstanding locality to consider for your investment. But let’s take a look at these factors in detail:

The Marina is Open to Everyone

Dubai is the emirate that attracts a population of 18 million tourists that visit each year. Not only is the Marina a hub spot for entertainment and tourist attractions, but it also serves as the most desired living place.

The presence of places such as The Walk and the JBR Beach, Dubai Fountain and much more add to its reputation. Moreover, the Dubai Mall is an entity that requires no introduction. Since it’s the biggest mall in the world, it’s bound to attract a huge number of audiences. In addition to all this, there are numerous places such as Ski Dubai, Dubai Underwater Aquarium & Zoo along with many others that are responsible for attracting the attention of millions.

The High-Quality Living

Dubai Marina redefines luxury living with its residences that nestle within. Although there are many completed projects in the vicinity, more are under development and will be added to the existing inventory. Even now, some of the world’s most famous and notable residential developments are situated in the Marina.

While some are waterfront apartments offering scenic views of the Arabian Sea, others are high-rise complexes that offer their own infinity pools and horizons of Dubai’s skylines. Much of the latter is preferred by those who are in the Marina because you can see the tallest building of the world, Burj Khalifa even from their bedroom windows.

Amenities and Facilities

The views aren’t the only thing that encourages buyers and investors. The amenities and facilities that buildings in the Marina offer are unparalleled. Apart from the access to the world’s top entertainment and shopping spots, there are in-house amenities offered by each developer that are competitively great. It’s a matter of individual choice when it comes to determining which development offers the best. While some developments offer in-house gyms and fitness clubs as well as infinity pools, others offer restaurants and stores at promenade levels along with top-notch concierge services.

However, regardless of which development you prefer, you can be sure of one thing. The design and infrastructure of the building as well as each individual unit are certifiably exemplary from every perspective. The interior of every apartment in every development is loaded with the finest crafts. Also, they come with state of the art features that redefine elegance and luxury living.

Off-Plan Investments

The most attractive selling point of the Marina is most obviously the availability of off-plan projects. Such projects bring about remarkable and incredible incentives for investors. The fact that you can own a residential unit in half the price and pay the rest from your ROI is in itself an attractive offer. Moreover, the best part is that you can pay the developer in small denominations of 5-10% every 2-3 months, or as offered by the developer.

Off-plan Dubai Marina properties include Stella Maris, Seven Palm, Golf Suites in Dubai Hills Estate and many others. Not only are these exceptionally designed and masterfully planned developments, but they’re also attracting a lot of attention even now. Real estate developers are making sure that they provide everything to the liking of their future residents. Moreover, since the developer is doing it for you, you won’t even have to market your residential unit to find tenants. It’s an easy invest and returns game that smart investors are already playing. If you’re not, you’re probably missing out on huge profits.