Top Tips To Prevent An Infestation Of Red Fire Ants


The red fire ant arrived in the US in the 1930s, it’s a native of South America and quickly made itself at home in southern parts of the United States. They make their homes in a wide variety of areas, including rainforests, grasslands, and alongside roads and buildings.

Although the ants live in large colonies, the site of their nest is not always apparent as they live in large earth mounds and have exit tunnels some distance away. 

Get To Know The Red Fire Ant

Red Fire Ants are a dull reddish-brown colour, they have six legs and appear very similar to other ants. However, it is worth noting that these ants have a stinger, making them more dangerous than other ants. 

If you have an infestation then there is likely to be a mound of earth relatively close to where you have started seeing the ants. The colony can consist of as many as 500,000 fire ants although each has its own job to do, whether that’s as a worker, reproductive ant, or a winged male. 

As fire ants reproduce they will establish new colonies, although these tend to be close to the original one. If you think you have an infestation of Red Fire Ants you need to find out more info about established and reputable specialists in pest control near me. They will be able to handle the issue for you. 

Of course, prevention is generally better than cure, after all, you don’t want to experience the painful sting of these ants.

Keep It Clean

Fire ants need to eat and they are attracted to food scraps in your garbage. To avoid your home being attractive you need to throw all rubbish into a sealed bag and, preferably, when you take it outside, place the bag into a sealed bin until the rubbish is removed.

Alongside this, remember that the crumbs in your home can be a veritable feast for ants. Wipe your surfaces regularly, wash dishes straight away, vacuum crumbs off the floor, and make sure open food packets are put inside sealed containers. It will prevent the ants from being attracted to your home.

Don’t forget, pet food is also a source of attraction to fire ants and other pests. It’s best to put your pet food down and pick it back up after your pet has eaten. 

Seal Your Home

Ants are small and can get through very small gaps. That means you need to visually inspect the outside of your property for cracks and gaps. Any that you find need to be sealed, to prevent pests, including fire ants, from accessing this way.

It is worth paying extra attention around doors and windows, this is where cracks often appear.

Care With Shopping

If you’ve picked up new plants or other greenery you should inspect it before you bring it into your home. You’ll want to make sure it is pest-free. The same is true for any pet toys in the garden that you bring inside. If they’ve been sitting for a while the fire ants may have gone inside them.

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