Guide to having fun with TR2 games

TR2 games

The video game industry is one of the biggest in the world and since its inception, it has gone through various upgrades and evolutions. During one of these evolutions, the TR2 games genre was formed and since then gaming industry has never been the same.

As science and technology progressed so did the complexities and intricacies of video games. Until came a time when it was difficult to place certain video games in a single genre and this gave rise to TR2 games that have been part of the video gaming world ever since.

For those of you who don’t know what TR2 games are, we are going to explain everything about them and if that is not enough, we will also share our favorite picks in the genre that you can play, enjoy, and appreciate just like us.

What are TR2 games?

Sometimes referred to as a genre, TR2 games are a combination of different genres of games, usually tactical games that include elements of adventure, RPG, action, and survival games. There is no exact definition for these types of games, all you need to know is they are fun to play.

Key features of TR2 games

Several features make TR2 games so fun and exciting to play and here are a few of them.

The Survival Element

The element of survival has always been the defining point of video games. In TR2 games as well, with each level getting more difficult, with each mission getting more dangerous, with the circle getting smaller and smaller, the thrill can be overwhelming yet extremely fun.

The Story Aspect

It is important to have a narrative in the video game to make it more exciting and keep the audience engaged. The progression of story and building of narrative in TR2 games make them more fun for the player and as the story comes to its natural end, the player can feel a sense of accomplishment.

Interactive Environment

From crashing your cars into pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto to blowing up buildings in Battlefield, interaction with the environment adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. When you know your actions can have unexpected consequences in TR2 games can be extremely thrilling.

Multiplayer Gameplay

Playing alone against the computer is fun but playing against fellow players is even more fun. Whether it’s a strategy game or a first-person shooter, having real human competition in TR2 games can never compete with solo games.

Team-Based Gameplay

Playing against your rivals is fun but having your friends as teammates is even more fun. Team-based TR2 games come in all genres and getting to play those games with similarly interested people can help make everlasting friendships and create a truly bonding experience.

Our favorite TR2 games

With so many games out there, it is difficult to pick only a few but each of us has our personal favorites and it never hurts to share them with others, so here is our selection.

Retro Bowl

We start with one of the most fun 8-bit TR2 games Retro Bowl. Based on its graphics, the game might look old school. However, it is anything but old as it was released in 2020 on Android and in 2022 on Switch. If you like playing sports games, then this American football game is the perfect fit for you.


It is almost akin to blasphemy if you don’t know what Minecraft is. Released in 2011 it is the most sold game in the world and earned billions for its developer Marcus Persson. It is a perfect combination of survival, strategy, and building games and fun to play across all platforms.

Tunnel Rush

If you are into running TR2 games Tunnel Rush is the perfect game for you. Moving forward you have to dodge obstacles every second and with each passing second the obstacles get difficult and just when you think you have won there is another level.

Flappy Bird

This next game is sadly no longer available, at least in its original form. The mobile game was released in 2013 and became an overnight sensation, but only after a year, the developer removed it from Apple and Google stores, citing people’s addiction to the game.


This last game is slightly different than the above-mentioned games as it is a turn-based card game inspired by the World of Warcraft and released by Blizzard. The game is available on platforms, meaning you can not only play it on your computer but also your phone when on the go.


Video games have always been a great pastime and careers have been built on them, as players, developers, and in other areas. TR2 games not only bring us joy and happiness but when we play with our friends, they help create strong bonds, friendships, and memories for us to cherish.

So, we leave you with this message to never stop gaming, and never stop having fun, even as you get older. But as with anything in life know your limits and never over-indulge in anything including video games.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I play TR2 games?

Depending on which game you want to play, there are many ways to do it. If it is a computer game you will need to install it, if it is on Android, IOS, or console, you will need to download it.

Are these games suitable for all ages?

It is difficult to tell here which game is suitable for which age, all you need to know is every video game comes with a content warning and mentions the suitable age of players.

What are TR2 games?

We have answered this question above in detail. You can read there to find out everything about these games.

Are these games free to play?

Again, it depends on the video game, some games are free to play for others you have to pay. But generally, you can find a lot of good video games for free.

Can I play TR2 games on my mobile?

Yes, you can play them on your mobile as there are plenty of mobile games, just as there are computer and console games.


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