Translation of documents for the UK embassy


Translation of documents for a visa to the uk Embassy must be entrusted only to qualified and experienced translators. The quality of the translation depends on the outcome of the application for a visa to this country.

The uk Embassy accepts documents in German and notarized. Therefore, it is necessary that the translation is carried out by a professional translator of the German language. The text should not contain any inaccuracies or distortions, as this may cause dissatisfaction with the embassy staff, and you will be denied a visa.

The correspondence of the translated document to the original is also of great importance. The name of the applicant for a visa must exactly match the data of his passport. And these are far from all the points that you should pay attention to when legal translation services to the uk Embassy.

How much is the translation of documents for the uk Embassy estimated?

The translation agency Manchester are qualified translators with experience translating documents for the various embassies. You can safely entrust our specialists not only to translate a package of documents for the uk embassy , but also to certify it. Each document that is included in the submission package must be correctly translated into German and formatted accordingly. You can find out in advance the prices for the services you are interested in in the corresponding table on the website or contact our managers in any convenient way.

Translation certification – why?

Not all embassies require a notarized translation of documents – sometimes it is enough to certify with the bureau’s seal. But for the UK embassy, ​​you still have to certify the documentation with a notary. Some clients order two certification services from the agency – with a seal and with a notary.

A translation certified by the agency’s seal means that the translation was carried out by a certified specialist and that it was performed in an agency that has the right to provide the relevant services. The seal confirms that the translation is fully consistent with the original.

Notarization confirms the translation by a qualified specialist. Such a document becomes legally binding.

You can find out more detailed information about the types of assurance and their features by reading the information in a special section.

When ordering services in our agency, you do not need to rely on the fact that we will give recommendations regarding the type of certification that is required specifically in your case when submitting documents to the embassy. It is your task to find out all these details before ordering translation and certification services from us . It is not difficult to find out about this – you just need to go to the official website of the UK Embassy.

If you do not have such an opportunity or for some reason do not want to do this, then you can order both types of certification from us (notarial and translation agency seal).

How to order a translation?

You can order translation of documentation for the UK Embassy in our agency without leaving your home. To do this, you can use a special order form on the website. Another option is to bring the documents to our office. You can choose the order option that suits you best. But if you want to get a 5% discount, then use the ordering service through the site.

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You can choose any other way to order services in our agency:

  • Send documents to our postal address;
  • Send documents to one of the offered messengers.

If you decide to use the online form on the website, then in 15 minutes our manager will provide you with a complete answer on the cost and timing of the translation.


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