Trump is back in court: This time it is the hearing for the Mar-a-Lago document case


Another day another hearing for Donald Trump, he is in a court in Florida where he has lived since moving out of the White House after the last election even during his Presidency he spent considerable time in Florida in his resort Mar-a-Lago and the case is related to that.

The hearing in Florida is about the handling of the classified documents that the former President had in his Mar-a-Lago resort and which he was resistant to return when the government asked for them. This resulted in charges being filed against him and some of his subordinates.

The official charges were filed in 2023 but government officials had tried long before to retrieve the classified documents, which they eventually did by collecting at least 15 boxes filled with White House records from the resort. (Dan Berman, 2024)

The trial is yet to start the judge in the case Aileen Cannon is considering changing the date which is set for the end of May. Trump and his lawyers ideally want the entire case to be dismissed but they have requested the case to be postponed until after the elections.

The numbers are looking good for Donald Trump right now as moves closer to the election date and he is hopeful for a win, after which if the trial happens it might be a lot easier for him to deal with. Even now as things stand this case or the others might not cause any hindrance for him in the upcoming elections.

Trump is back in court: This time it is the hearing for the Mar-a-Lago document case


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