Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

    You’ll need two-way radios for your business at some point because you’re always having trouble talking with your employees. Construction companies, electrical companies, and other businesses with teams doing fieldwork require two-way radios. 

    However, some businesses think they do not need walkie talkies because they can communicate effectively without them. They do not know that using them will make their jobs more accessible, but they prefer not to get them because they lack the budget. You can find many advantages when you use two-way radios for your business. 

    1. Provide Mobility Benefits

    When you are doing fieldwork, you will constantly be moving around from place to place, and you also need to keep communicating with other people. That is the perfect time to get two way radios because you can get in touch with them all the time. Using your mobile phones to talk with other workers is not the best option because usually, you need to take off your gloves and select the person you want to contact. 

    With two-way radios, you get to communicate effectively by simply switching over to a specific channel. Usually, two-way radios offer 8 or 16 channels, depending on which model you buy for your business. Whether you are in a warehouse or an open field, you can trust that your two-way radios can effectively send and receive radio waves. 

    2. Communicate Effectively Without Scrolling or Searching

    As mentioned a while ago, using mobile phones to communicate with other workers in places like construction sites is never the best option. They are constantly working and holding tools, so they have no time to check their phones if they received a text message or a phone call. However, two-way radios can avoid that because workers can hear what you have to say through the radio’s speakers. 

    When you use mobile phones to communicate, you still need to open your contacts, scroll through many numbers, and then you have to wait for them to pick it up before you can relay your message to them. That is an ineffective method of communication within a workplace, so the best option you have is to use two-way radios. 

    3. Communicate With People Faster

    A time will come when there is an emergency within the worksite, and you have workers that are unaware of the situation because they are focused on work. That is the perfect time to use walkie talkies because it lets you communicate with them faster. The time it takes to relay your message is essential, especially when it involves saving their lives. 

    4. Better Digital Technology

    Most modern two-way radios are digital, converting voice transmissions into data packets to be conveyed over old wireless or old networks. You can say that it is both a mobile phone and a radio because you can send texts to all the other connected people in the same line or channel. You can even send voicemails to people when they are busy doing something else. 

    Besides the texting and voicemail features, they also get better sound quality. You do not have to hear the muffled, static-sounding voice over the radio because of the better speakers, which helps you understand the person on the other side clearer. 
    Never forget the importance of walkie talkies in workplaces that involve constant communication. Information that you relay needs to be received as clearly and quickly as possible. 

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