Ultimate Guide for Dominating SoundCloud And Mixcloud


Everyone on every platform mainly talks about social media. From Facebook’s hot features to trending tweets on Twitter, we all have nothing else to talk about other than these things. These social networking sites have achieved millions of users from all over the world that other platforms are often neglected.

But music lovers know what the best place is to find the music of their choice. SoundCloud and MixCloud are the two music social sites that are also trending and most hyped. These are the digital music platforms where tons of music can be found according to moods and desire. With these sites, you cannot only listen to your favourite music but can share it with your loved ones too.

Like any other system, SoundCloud and MixCloud work to your benefit with a minor deduction and strategy.

Let’s discuss further these platforms and see how you can dominate over SoundCloud and MixCloud.

SoundCloud: Oldest Music Hub For Every Listener

Anyone can access SoundCloud. The best way to enjoy the free music is to plugin the quality headphones or hands-free available on the China B2B marketplace. You will notice the difference in the quality of music and how it let you move on the toes.

In the music world, SoundCloud is one of the most popular and oldest music platforms, which enjoys catering to over 170 million listeners every month. This music station has so many versatile features that make it stand out from the ordinary platforms.

Features Of SoundCloud

1.  It creates unique URLs for every music uploaded on the site. We can share the link of the URL across various social media platforms.

2.  The platform has currently more than 40 million users. This is the reason SoundCloud provides a list of billions of songs and music that is uploaded every half hour.

3.  It creates groups on the platform where registered users can enjoy a common space to share all the uploaded tracks. It categorizes these tracks according to the subject, genre, year, title, and author.

4.  Direct messaging feature like Facebook through which you can make new friends or communicate with mutual ones.

5.  A personalized dashboard for every user where it can view the analytics of the music uploaded by themselves

Some Restrictions You Can’t Ignore

SoundCloud is not perfect. First, SoundCloud is quite restrictive concerning user activity and its timing. The same restrictions are also applicable in other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Over these sites, it restricts the users for actions that are out of necessity.

However, SoundCloud is a little different from what we are perceiving from this statement. Unlike other social media platforms, SoundCloud doesn’t post any restrictions, but users may come across such limitations when they break them.

There is one more restriction that you may not be fond of. It only allows you to add around 2000 friends and not more than that.

MixCloud: Best Music Player Of All Times

Just like SoundCloud, you can also get several benefits from MixCloud. Indeed, it is another great platform for every listener out there. But how does it differ from SoundCloud?

Let’s get it from here:

Features Of MixCloud

1.  There is no certain limitation of adding friends to the platform. You can add or follow as many friends as you want.

2.  It doesn’t delete your account even if you exceed the limit.

3.  Some restrictions will definitely bother you, but that’s okay!

4.  You can share music under copyright without risk of prosecution.

5.  MixCloud provides you with a top 100 list of every popular genre.

6.  You can upload as much music as you want.

7.  It also has a dashboard feature, which is only accessible if you purchase a premium account.

How To Dominate SoundCloud And MixCloud?

Now comes the most important point. When you are on a social media platform similar to these music stations, you are concerned about the way the users will get your message. Not only this, but a different system is going on in your mind that how your audience will interpret the message.

With SoundCloud and MixCloud, you don’t need to worry about these factors. This is because you send the message in the form of a voice and not a text. Your audience will not consider any written message here because the system is really different from that of the other platforms.

Just as you struggle to achieve relevant B2B trade leads on other platforms, you need to keep your audience engaged on these music stations. If you want to dominate over these, then try to keep logged in and do some activity almost daily.

Not only this but connect with the followers who seem pretty useful to your platform. Like, mingle with all those people who are more likely to use the service.

On MixCloud, try to upload music weekly. This way you can get featured in the top list.


So that’s it. This is how you can make use of SoundCloud and MixCloud without an expert’s help. Some take this place for granted while others use it as a platform to show off their DJ skills. You can get as many benefits from these ones as you want. Try your luck and listen to the music of your choice.

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