Unblock Your Disabled Facebook Account!


Here’s How You Can Unblock Your Disabled Facebook Account! 

For meeting day to day communication needs with family, friends, colleagues, or even with customers and clients, Facebook as a social media platform is considered as the most popular and reliable. However, unfortunately, the process sometimes gets interrupted when users try to log in to their Facebook account, they are denied access to the same. Instead of getting access to their respective accounts they receive a message stating that—“Sorry, This Feature is Currently Unavailable, Facebook.” 

So, if you also have recently received this particular message while attempting to log in to your Facebook account then, it may be either because the server of Facebook is down or you’ve connected to a slow internet connection. However, not matter what the reason is, you can resolve both the issues using the following below-mentioned respective steps—

Reason 1: Facebook Server is down!

Solution 1: Check the Facebook-Server Status:

  • To know whether there’s a server outage issue or not, you need to begin the process by opening your preferred web browser.
  • From your web browser, simply direct yourself to the website ‘Outage.Report.’
  • Once you reach onto the site, type ‘Facebook.com’ in its ‘Search address bar.’
  • Then, just hit the ‘Enter’ button and wait until the Outage. Report site will let you know the status of Facebook website 
  • That’s it! If the status shows that Facebook server is down then, simply wait till the site resolves it or you can contact the local administrator for help. However, if the status shows that the case is opposite then, move on to the next solution.

Reason 2: Slow Network Connection!

Solution 2: Check Your Internet Connection:

To ensure that your Facebook login page works smoothly without facing any such given error, you need to check your internet connection whether it has a strong signal to support the site or not. 

Although, after ensuring the same, if you realize that your device has not connected to a strong network connection then, simply try to switch on Google DNS and for that, what you need to do is open your device ‘Network’ settings from ‘Network and Sharing Center.’

Inside the network settings, select the ‘Change Adapter’ option and simply do right-click on the ‘Properties’ of your network.

After that, move further to select the ‘Internet Protocol Version 4/ (TCP/IPv4).’

Now, you need to again open its ‘Properties’ to select ‘Use following DNS server addresses.’

In the end to finally troubleshoot the network issue factor behind your inability to login to your Facebook account, enter ‘’ in front of the ‘preferred’ and ‘’ in front of ‘Alternate’ DNS Server, that’s it!

temporarily blocked by Facebook

However, these above-mentioned solutions are the general solutions that you can apply always whenever encountered with ‘Facebook login issues.’ But, sometimes the reason behind getting Facebook Sorry This Feature Is Currently Unavailable message also means that you’ve been temporarily blocked by Facebook from using that feature and this happens when the anti-abuse systems of Facebook detect some suspicious or unacceptable activity from your account such as the followings—

  • Sending too many friend requests, 
  • Have Sent several identical messages, 
  • Sent too many links, &
  • Not following Facebook Terms & Conditions, Rules & Regulations as well as Facebook Community Guidelines, Facebook policies, etc.

So, if Facebook has blocked your account based on the offence that you’ve committed; then, there’s no way to unblock your account until and unless Facebook itself lifts the ban. But, not to disappoint you completely, let us tell you that you can appeal in front of Facebook; if you consider that you’ve mistakenly blocked and you’ve committed any such offense or if committed then, not intentionally!

Reason 3: Blocked by Facebook for Committing Offense!

Solution 3: Submit an Appeal to Facebook:

  • To unlock your temporarily disabled or blocked Facebook account, open your preferred web browser.
  • From it, direct yourself to the ‘My Facebook account has been disabled page.’ 
  • On the page, click on ‘Submit an Appeal’ option which is beside the statement that reads “In case your account was disabled by mistake, please.”
  • Doing so will open an appeal form and you’ve to fill the entire form with all the asked information;and details that are associated with your Facebook account.’
  • Then, as required, upload a picture of yours as the identity proof by clicking on: ‘Files’ > ‘Pictures’> and ‘Open’ button.
  • After that, click on the ‘Send’ button to finally submit your appeal form in front of Facebook in order to unlock your Facebook account.

That’s it! This is possibly how you can get rid of the given problem; blocking you from accessing your Facebook account. However, if you need further assistance on this matter, visit the technical website like ‘Getassist.net.’. Where you can find all solutions to your problems and fix them yourself.

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