How do you stand out in a virtual trade show/fair?


Virtual Trade Shows have become a popular model of the marketing world in these modern times. The virtual trade show is one of those online events that allows sponsors and attendees to connect and communicate at virtual booths.  Virtual Trade Shows have become a popular choice for various brands. Brands can showcase their extensive assortment of products, latest launches, and services in a corporate environment and an insanely familiar format.

If you’re getting confused by the challenges related to virtual trade shows, then we’re right here to assist you! We have curated the best ways to make your virtual trade show booth an exceptional opportunity at the virtual events you visit! Continue reading to know more.

Start with a strategic study

If you wish to see your business succeeding via virtual trade shows, then this is the primary step that you need to embrace – assessing your business objectives. Once your event begins, you’ll get to know various techniques and elements of the event which are working perfectly well and which are not.

Formulate a marketing plan

Just like physical events, virtual events too, need powerful marketing approaches to enhance your audience & sponsor reach. Following virtual events best practices and marketing strategy opens the way for potential attendees. You would have to create an effective landing page to lure more people. Email marketing with some warmth is also considered a good way to promote your event.

Generate curiosity among the attendees

If you wish to get maximum participation for your virtual trade fair/show, you need to excite their curiosity and make them fascinated with your virtual trade show booth. For this, you’ll have to start running ads, post videos or pictures on social media platforms much before the event begins. 

Explain the Benefits

If your sponsors are new to online environments, summon them for a demo to teach them about your online trade show/fair platform, & its innovations, advantages, customer interaction, lead conversion, competitor interpretation, etc. without the requirement to travel. Let them how they can obtain better attendee reach & develop their branding via virtual fairs Platform. Each virtual event includes information such as attendee’s data, event duration, the count of booth visits, downloaded documents and questions asked, etc. Explain to your sponsors the value of content at virtual booths. It will also help them grab the best attention from participants & more data or insights after the execution of the virtual trade fairs/shows.

Engaging Content

For any virtual event, content is one significant aspect to draw people. This can include powerful keynote and breakout sessions. You can also ask sponsors and exhibitors to give you their precious piece of content. Pre-recorded sessions can be programmed to play at fixed times which will provide a real-time experience. Moreover, push notifications can be permitted to remind visitors of scheduled sessions and assure your sponsors have all the necessary training to encourage and engage their online participants before the start.

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Set Proper Time Zones

Exhibitors generally host their virtual trade fairs/shows for at least 2 days. So, conducting events based on the time zones suitable for your attendees (national or international) is recommended. Keeping smaller sessions for two to four hours with great knowledge is good enough to connect with your audiences. With this, the sponsors will also identify the ideal time to come online & communicate with their audience which will, in turn, expand their networking & branding opportunities.


Any virtual event without any fun element will be similar to a boring lecture. And no business would like to disappoint their attendees. Coupons, contests, quizzes, games like spin the wheel, crossword & prize giveaways are some best ideas to keep your attendees engaged. You can give them some extra points or rewards for visiting a booth or suggesting the event to their colleagues. This will not only draw more attention to events but also lets exhibitors form new networks.


The main motive behind hosting & attending online virtual trade fairs/shows is networking. Sponsors get the chance to build a network with new attendees and attendees too have a chance to explore new products & important business information. Via virtual spaces, individuals can meet, connect and share their details, exchange their business cards securely. Some sponsors have observed that people are interacting more openly on an online trade show platform as compared to physical experiences. A group chat feature, polling and survey activities & forums are some popular virtual trade show approaches that will further boost visitors to engage & participate more enthusiastically. 

Extended Events:

How many sponsors are aware that keeping their events accessible after the live session is over will still draw great privileges to them. Not many, true! But it is correct. Offering on-demand content to audiences post events helps sponsors to attain good benefits. For further engagement, exhibitors must add fresh content constantly to give audiences a great reason to visit their events again. Also, social media publicity & email marketing will act as a helpful add-on to the advertisements.

Accurate Tracking:

Virtual trade shows/fairs have strong security systems, and therefore all the activities initiated by the attendees are excellently tracked via the virtual trade show platform. Exhibitors can also gain information about the total number of downloads, booth presence, questions asked at the time of breakout sessions, etc. This info will help exhibitors to build a friendlier environment for the guests the next time they visit a virtual trade fair/show.

Dreamcast is an astounding virtual trade show platform that takes the responsibility of safety and scalability that will help conduct a successful virtual event beneficial for your business growth. With the inclusion of the latest technologies and tools, Dreamcast is just one call away to combine your business with one of the top leading virtual trade shows/fair platforms.

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