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Modern technology made the lives easiest. Smartphones, a person can do a lot of things with this single device apart from its specific function of calling and texting. Plenty of software is being created for mobile phones to make life the easiest. Voice translation applications are one of them. For people who are traveling to foreign countries on regular basis, this application is helpful. This software is really easy to use just speak on your phone and the application will translate the sentence. Sometimes users do have no time to type the messages in this situation all you need is voice translation applications. Moreover, there can be conditions when you just need to hear another person’s voice translator will help you in this situation.

Hare, we have a list of the best voice translators that will help you to communicate.

Google translate-free:

This software has the option of translating the text through the camera. This is one of the famous applications of android phones. Google translate help you to translate in other application so there is no more language hurdle. Video translation, app translation, and voice-to-text translation are the main features of this app.

TripLingo-Free in-app Purchases:

  • This software has a dictionary of thirteen different languages. TripLingo will translate in your language; you just have to download the language before going to visit. This application helps you learn about the traditions, culture during travel. The audio lesson, culture crash course and access to a live translator is the main feature of this software.
  • Voice translator-free:

This is paid application this is the major reason voice translator is not the number one app. if you can afford this app is highly recommended. Session storage, multi-language translation, and dialogue between 2 different languages are the basic feature of this application.

  • Translate voice:

The best thing about this app is you can directly speak and get the exact translation. This app can translate into 40 languages. Translate voice software can send the translation via text and mail.

  • iTranslate Translator & Dictionary –Free:

Nowadays this is a popular app in the app store. You can translate in 100 languages instantly and also get the voice-to-voice translation. If you have no access to the internet you can use the offline mode of this app. switch between dialects mid translation, dictionary & thesaurus, and voice to voice translation are the best features of this app.

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