Ways to surprise your boyfriend in an unknown place


As valentine’s day is approaching, your mind must have already brainstormed the thoughts of all possible things that you can do for your boyfriend to make him feel special, and you must have concluded that amongst most of the ideas, there are more than half of it that you have already done. So then the problem arises because, as it is, boys do not have much of a variety of choices when it comes to gifting and surprising options. Furthermore, if you are at a different place than your hometown by chance, celebrating valentine’s day becomes even more difficult. So, here are some of the ideas for you to select from for valentine’s day with which you can plan a surprise for your boyfriend in an unknown place. 

  • Search for a flower shop: The first step to planning a surprise should be to search for a flower shop near you. If you feel like you do not have the time to do it, you can also search for online delivery. The reason being that flowers are synonymous with the expression of love. So for valentine’s day, avoid keeping everything a surprise because you understand the fact that men do not prefer random stuff so much. So what you can do is you can drop a tip that you are planning something like then with the flowers that you order online and add a note with it that can either tell them the venue or the dress code for the date.
  • Plan an adventurous day: well, if you are doubtful about the surprise date and know your man pretty much well that other things will make him feel even more special in a new place, you can do that. For instance, you can search for a new place that people do not know and make a one-day trip. That’s how you will get some good time together, spend valentine’s day in a not so stereotypical way and also see a new place. If you and your partner love to explore new places and capture the moments within you, this particular idea will be really great. All you have to do is make sure that the new place that you are taking your partner too is safe and has a better communication facility. Also if you want you can also camp at the new adventurous place, especially if you are on hills. Various local guides will guide you to the place and inform you about what should be seen and where you will find some beautiful flora and fauna, so make sure you interact with the localities when you go on such trips. They do not just inform you about such things; they also help you out in case there’s an emergency, and you need some medical assistance or something of that sort. 
  • Plan for breakfast: suppose you both are on holiday and luckily are staying in a homestay. The best way to begin the day of love is to make breakfast for your significant other and wake him up with that. If you are staying in a home, preparing breakfast all by yourself shall not be difficult because you can ask for the house help’s assistance. However, if you are in a hotel, you can either talk to the people in charge and, rather than getting the room service, do the serving work, seek permission, and get the platter ready yourself. If you are lucky enough, the hotel staff can allow you to do so, and that shall be one of the most surprising things, however, if for him.
  • Plan a cruise date if you are on a beach: most of the time, couples prefer to choose beach destinations because that’s where they can relax and have a fun time together. Well, various beach destinations offer cruise rides to couples. If you are confused as to what way you should plan a date for your partner, then taking him on a cruise date will be a very good idea. For that, you will have to talk to the people beforehand and make the bookings, and once that’s done, you can surely make the needful gestures of maybe blindfolding your partner so that they stay tuned to the surprise and have no clue where you are taking them.
  • Candlelight dinner: it’s not always essential to plan something very huge or take your partner outside. What matters is your gesture, and for that, you can even design something very small and yet beautiful. For example, suppose you aren’t sure about the safety of the new unknown place you are in, or maybe you do not have an idea about which place is good and still wish to give a slight surprise to your partner. Then, you can prepare for a candlelight dinner date in the homestay that you people have booked. You can order food, flowers and cakes from outside and get them delivered to your doorstep. And then you can focus on the decoration of the house and the dinner table that should be only done with candles. 

Well, just know that it’s not always essential to be materialistic, especially when you both are already in a different place and you know that shopping is imperative. So, your love interest and the creativity you get out of your head become even more critical. And as long as men are concerned even, they love to be pampered, and no one has ever said that valentine’s day is only for men to surprise their lady, even you can take charge and make his day special. Also, if you think in a little out-of-the-box way, an unknown place can actually be a perfect option for you to do a lot more than what you would have if you were at the native home. So make some use of the points mentioned above and sweep the floor beneath the feet of your boyfriend in a pleasant way this valentine’s day.

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