Web Design Trends and Predictions for 2022 and Beyond


Year upon year, the constant evolution of web design trends has intrigued the digital fraternity. While multiple factors are helming these dynamics, the most prominent one in the recent past has been the Covid-19 pandemic. The global paranoia, lockdowns, and business impact have been massive. Subsequently, no aspect of the digital realm has remained unaffected. As a business owner or digital marketer, if you are planning to revamp your website or get a new one designed.

The following web design trends and predictions for 2022 and beyond should guide you well:-

1. Dynamic Display

Univocally voted as the defining trend for 2022 and beyond, dynamic and intuitive content is the future of web designing. Any reputed website design company will recommend that you opt for an intuitive display that tailors content as per search history, browsing behaviour, past purchases, and any recent activity on the site. As per the top digital marketing company in India, the pandemic has urged businesses to aggressively vie for the attention of customers. Having an intuitive website with tailored content is indeed the way ahead to success!

2. Renewed Visual Appeal

Any well-built logo, template or graphic that uplifts the spirits of onlookers is certainly trending. About a decade ago, there was a conscious shift from aesthetic web design to functional web design. But with all the gloom that the pandemic has brought in today, web users are ready for cheery designs and visual optimism. Of course, this doesn’t mean that one is back to the era of slow-loading, elaborate, and jarring graphics. Sleek aesthetics is the new mantra for 2022 and beyond.

3. Thumb-friendly Designs and Dynamic Scrolling

There has been a lot of talk about mobile-friendly and responsive web design for several years now. But it all boils down to one aspect today- thumb-friendly designs. Most users are hooked to their smartphones, browsing and reading on the go. A simple, easy-to-read layout that responds intuitively to thumb-scrolling is all that it takes to build a user-friendly web design today. Furthermore, enabling dynamic scrolling reserves the content to a single page, this improving user experience and reducing bounce rates.

4. Earthy Hues and Soothing Visuals

When we spoke of a renewed emphasis on visual optimism, the biggest trend is that of a calm, earthy look. People have been mostly confined to their homes, dependent on the internet for some solace. It is therefore imperative that any good website design company caters to this ‘comfort’ requirement with suitable, calming designs. A well-known digital marketing agency has specifically outlawed the use of flamboyant designs and approved muted templates, lucid typography, and soothing white spaces.

5. Dominance of Voice Interface

Instead of typing in search queries, a significant chunk of users are reliant on voice search functions. Modern-day web designers are thus tasked with creating designs that are well-optimized as per the voice-activated interface requirements. From prominently positioning the virtual assistant for voice search, to templates with clear instructions and CTAs, the web design parameters have evolved accordingly.

6. VR-based Web Designing

Be it retail stores or hospitality establishments the use of virtual reality on their websites to entice prospective customers is a huge trend today. Owing to the pandemic, VR-based web designing has received a further boost. People are hesitant to step out of their homes to shop. With VR-embedded websites, they can enjoy a holistic shopping or visiting experience from the comfort of their homes.

7. Interactive Visualization

For any smartphone users, reading a long article or webpage at a stretch can be somewhat taxing in the conventional format. When you spice it up with interactive story-telling, the engagement level shoots up phenomenally. From eye-catching morsels of information and moving info-graphics, to interactive content like online polls and free customer-centric tools, the concept of narrative visualization has caught up with milennials like none else. Web designs that can seamlessly integrate these interactive visual elements are becoming exceedingly popular.

8. Accessibility in Web Designing

The first aspect of increased accessibility in web designing refers to the acceptance of non-keyboard inputs. Voice inputs, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Inputs are trending nowadays, with heightened emphasis on accessibility. The second aspect is the visual display, which should have suitably designed alternatives for those who are visually impaired. Similarly, the audio content needs to be made available to the hearing impaired in a suitable format. All global brands are aiming towards making their websites more accessible, user-friendly, and intuitively designed. 


Whether you own a brick-and-mortar business, a professional service, or an e-commerce store, having a modern and seamlessly designed website is crucial for any businesses today. As a business owner, familiarizing yourself with the latest web design trends will ensure a fruitful collaboration with your web design/development team. This will eventually translate into higher website ROI, boosting your online visibility and lead generation. 

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