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    Websites and apps for home improvement in South Korea

    Whether it’s a rented house or a bought house, your home is a place where you can get rid of your stress and fatigue in this city. Simple or elegant, the decision of the interior design is all up to you. Ziptoss has prepared 3 of the most popular websites and home improvement apps you can check when you are planning to renovate the interiors of your home.

    Ohou/Today’s House(오늘의집)

    Ohou is a decoration design app that is a very popular among Korean young people recently. There are many in-style designs and products. Users can not only refer to the various decoration designs but also directly purchase furniture, consult / find expert design schemes, templates, share experiences, etc. New members can also register and claim coupons.

    * URL:

    * You can also download the app “오늘의집” on your mobile phone and directly place an order.

    • Advantages

    1.There is a wide variety of room types and decorations for each room type.

    2. You can classify and choose your room type, required furniture size, price style, etc. to find different products.

    3. Ohou is a lifestyle and home improvement store, with various types of goods such as a household appliances, lighting, kitchen supplies, lighting, pet supplies, etc. New member registration and coupons can be used.

    4. Users can upload photos\comment and exchange experiences and product reviews in the app.

    • Disadvantages

    1. Logistics might be slow.

    2. After-sales service and platform customer service may not be available at all times.


    IKEA is a Swedish furniture manufacturer. The IKEA is a company that goes out with the DIY furniture. At IKEA, consumers can not only buy home furnishings with the Scandinavian design style and preferential prices, but they also assemble, transport, and preferential prices and make their furniture with convenience.


    IKEA entered South Korea with the opening of the IKEA Gwangmyeong store on December 18, 2014. It quickly had a place in the Korean furniture market at affordable prices and continued to the expand its market share with its unique designs and affordable prices.


    • Advantages

    1. Similar to Ohou/Today’s House(오늘의집), there is a variety of the model room displays, which is convenient for choosing furniture that is suitable for different spaces.

    2. The product design is a based on the Nordic designs making each product look clean and diversified.

    3. The furniture can be selected according to the size/color/material, which is a convenient for choosing suitable furniture designs.

    4. You can go to the physical store for direct comparison, buy it online and have it delivered to your home.

    • Disadvantages

    1. You need to assemble the furniture yourself.

    2. Poor durability.


    Hanssem is a furniture shopping website operated by the Korean furniture company Hanssem(한샘). The Hanssem is the number one company in South Korea with an advantage in the Korean furniture market. Hanssem has a website to design a house for free, their website uses 3D technology to simulate the scene of placing furniture directly in your own house, and the Hanssem Live project provides “cloud design” services, using online videos to provide customers with designs.

    * URL:

    • Advantages      

    1. Hanssem is a South Korea’s largest online furniture shopping site.

    2. Their furniture list is organized and clean at a glance.

    3. They also provide various housekeeping services.

    4. No need to assemble the furniture yourself (except for their DIY products), professionals can be the ones to assemble your furniture.

    • Disadvantages

    1. The Korean local website has no foreign language option, as some professional furniture terms might be difficult to understand.

    2. Majority of the products are of the more high-end quality, so the price will be higher compared to other shops.

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