Wells Fargo and HSBC Plan to Use Blockchain for Currency Trades


There’s a ton of Blockchain technologies around the world that are in use for a variety of purposes. From operating banking applications to anchoring the most volatile and highest-value digital payment networks, there’s a sea of purposes that the modern Blockchain is serving. In fact, with Blockchain support, the world of digital currencies has also found its way into the modern trading and investment society.

Today, we will learn about some of the latest news and information that was gathered on behalf of experts to convey to all the individuals who are looking to better themselves in the Blockchain technological range. Let’s learn how Wells Fargo and HSBC plan to settle currency trades with the help of Blockchain.

Settlement of Currency Trades through Blockchain: Wells Fargo and HSBC

Wellss Fargo and HSBC are two of the most influential and world-renowned banks that are now collaborating on larger grounds to settle currency trades with the help of Blockchain technology. There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to Blockchain technology and for some organizations, taking the first step is the most difficult one at first. However, both of the renowned banks have transformed their way of approaching currency trades with extremely similar ideas.

Both, Wells Fargo and HSBC now plan to cut a key part out of the infrastructure that encompasses all types of currency market trades. These two banks have now decided to make sure that all transactions are now directly occurring through Blockchain technology.

Upcoming Outlook of Blockchain Integration into Currency Trade Settlement

Through the upcoming Monday and onwards, both organizations will be using one of the most useful Blockchain technologies to pay out a list of currencies and reconcile them. The trade will take place between the two banks for currencies including Canadian dollars, US dollars, pound sterling, and Euro. This will be made possible through the efficient and highly reliable FX Everywhere platform offered by HSBC. However, what this process means is that the agreement will bypass CLS.

It represents a utility that is nearly two decades old and what central banks use to urge the market participants to utilize for neutralizing several trade failures, risks, and uncertainties. This ultimate move between both banks has stated the latest example of Blockchain technology and how it can revolutionize the digital payment and trading processes.

Another example of the Blockchain revolution in the banking and trading system is the heavy seep into the $6.6 billion Forex market. Also, it reset the relations among the biggest central and investment banks. More from this month, you should know that France and Switzerland have finally and quite successfully tested out their first payment processing network through Blockchain technology. It’s the first-ever payment on Blockchain between the two countries that is part of the wide series of projects that include the central bank’s digital currencies.

One of the co-heads of the influential macro at Wells Fargo outlined that this will be the first time ever that Blockchain technology helps settle not only cross-border payments but also keeps them in real-time (live). As seen by the heads and official experts of the said two banks and other companies, transformative digital currencies will be at the forefront of the industry in the upcoming years.

Furthermore, the co-head also outlined that the move to Blockchain technologies across the industry will potentially cut out an entity that is currently settling over trillions of dollars in terms of global currency trades and serves as a payment method for both trade sides. That entity is the CLS which is regulated by the Use Federal Reserve. Another point to be included in this discussion is that both the banks in the agreement wish to convey this technology and idea of the “move” to several other banks along with the range of currencies in the market that doesn’t receive the settlement service of CLS.

While it’s still unclear about the extent to which the Blockchain revolution could help, a ton of traders and modern cryptocurrency investors are looking for ways to benefit from it. If you’re among them, you should find the best wallet for crypto out there.

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