What are Kanchipuram sarees made of?

Kanchipuram sarees online
Kanchipuram sarees online

Kanchipuram sarees are one of the most gorgeous sarees of India. It is basically a saree that originated from South India and is very popular. These sarees are created with thick silk fabric and multiple colors.

These gorgeous sarees are a perfect choice for any festival. So, if you are willing to buy Kanchipuram sarees online, then here are some factors to help you out.

What are Kanchipuram sarees made of?

The silk and zari: These sarees are made with fine yet thick silk fabric of South India and those silver and gold “zari” threads of Gujrat. The silk thread is mainly obtained from cultured mulberry worms and thus is known as Mulberry silk.

This special silk thread is processed and then used to create the Kanchipuram silk sarees. These special sarees are usually hand-woven and hold a special place because of their interlacing of the silk of double warp and weft.

About 250-300 threads are woven into the wept, thus allowing the saree to become strong and sturdy. In addition to this, the silver and gold zari used in a Kanjeevaram silk saree is also of higher quality and thus they are very sturdy.

The dye: The water is boiled and after some time the ingredients like dye color, soap oil, and washing soda are added. Then the whitish silk yarn is dipped and dyed in the desired color. The silk yarn needs three days to dry.

Thus, you can get to see numerous colors and varieties to choose from while buying Kanchipuram sarees online.

The color combination: The body of the saree is colored with different types of attractive colors whereas the pallu portion is dyed only with a single bold color. This gives the entire saree a special and attractive look. The designs of these sarees are mainly inspired by numerous temples and scriptures of India.

Variety and innovations: Kanchipuram silk initially was 9-yards long that was woven to tell those temple stories. After some time, these sarees were changed into 6 yards with gorgeous gold zari. In recent days, these sarees are weaved with artificial zari to make them available for all types of income.

Maintenance process: Petrol wash is the best option. If you want to wash it at home, don’t use soap and wash it in clean and normal water.

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How to identify Kanchipuram silk saree?

  • A special way to identify authentic Kanchipuram saree is to burn a little thread at the end portion of the pallu area and notice if you can get a smell of burning leather or burning hair from its ashes. The artificial ones will not leave any ashes.
  • The body and border of the saree will not match. Also, look carefully at the zari parts, if you want to identify only the authentic ones. You can also rub the zari area and look at its inside, if the inside part of the zari is not red, and then it is a fake.
  • In recent days, Silk mark tags are added to the sarees, to help you to recognize only the authentic ones. So, if you want to buy Kanchipuram sarees online, you can also look for this tag, to get only the authentic options.

Therefore, Kanchipuram sarees are no doubt a special type of clothing that can give anyone a special and gorgeous look. So, if you wish to buy Kanchipuram sarees online, you can always look for several specifications to choose only the best ones.


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