What Are Keto Lean Testing Strips?


Staying in ketosis is very important in the keto diet; otherwise, the diet will not work. Keto strips help you do that. keto Lean strips are similar in some ways to a pregnancy test. You have to pee on it, and it tests the ketones in your urine. You would not burn fat as fast as you want to if your body is not in ketosis, so it is very important that you follow the diet very well and stay on track. Keto Lean testing strips are cheap, and you can get to know if there are ketones in your body very fast. 

What Are Ketones?

The brain requires glucose just to function. We can get this glucose through food, specifically carbohydrates. When someone is on a keto diet, they avoid carbohydrates and get their energy from fats and protein. When this happens, your body begins to produce ketones in the liver, and these ketones act as a replacement for carbohydrates. Ketones are made from body fat, and your body starts to turn the fat into ketones, and you end up using all your body fat when you follow the keto diet. 

What Are The Keto Strips?

Keto strips are initially made for diabetic patients. These diabetic patients can get to know about their blood sugar. Diabetic patients could suffer from ketoacidosis, and the blood can turn acidic. This is why it is very important for diabetic patients to have and use keto strips. There are colors in keto strips, and this is used to see the ketones in the body. For example, if the strip is dark purple, then that means that there are ketones in the body, but if the strip is pink, then there are fewer or no ketones in the body.

How Do The Ketone Strips Work?

There is an absorption pad on one side of the strip. These strips have a chemical reagent that changes color when it reacts with the ketones in the urine. You could put the strip into a urine sample, or you could pee directly onto it. When you buy these strips, you will also get a chart, and you have to compare the color with the chart to figure out the level of ketones in your body. 


If you are starting your keto diet for the first time and you are unsure if the diet is working or not, then using keto strips is very effective because you could find out if the body is in ketosis or not very easily. The main problem with keto strips is that they are accurate when you start your diet, but as time passes, they are not as stable, and you cannot know for sure. In spite of this, if you can get an idea that you are heading in the right direction, you can keep following the diet you currently are on, and you will start to see results. In addition, Keto strips are very cheap, so you do not have to think too much about using these strips.

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