What Are The Features Which Make The Acuvue Trueye Contact Lenses Different From The Other Brands?


When a client requires contact lenses on a daily basis and chooses a disposable one then he is suggested to buy acuvue trueye contact lenses from here. It is both comfortable and affordable for the client to purchase. The most attractive part of these contact lenses is that they have one of the best quality materials used to manufacture them. It is made up of silicone hydrogel which helps in the flow of oxygen. This feature makes it extremely popular with the masses. Usually it is seen that people feel an irritation in their eyes after wearing contact lenses but with acuvue trueye contact lenses you get the required comfort and relief. It probably feels that they are not wearing any contacts on their eyes. 

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There are some important features which a client asks for before buy acuvue trueye contact lenses from the store. They are as follows: 

  1. First and foremost, before the customers buy acuvue trueye they ask about the technology that is featured into the lenses.
  • These particular lenses have hydro-clean 1 technology used which helps to copy the moisture of the actual eyes and create a sense of comfort at the time of wearing them. A slight wetness is also created straight after the lenses are put on. 
  • To be specific the lenses have high- quality hydrogel within each piece which is made up of silicone and popularly known as Narafilcon A. 
  • This allows flow or transmission of oxygen at an extra level giving complete satisfaction to the wearer.
  • If the eyes have poor oxygen then it will increase the discomfort and make the eyes much drier. It has the potential to even damage our eyes.
  1. The second question comes up is, if acuvue trueye contact lenses, will protect the eyes from UV rays of the sun?
  • As we all know that UV rays of the sun are extremely dangerous and harmful for the eyes. thus it is very important to protect our eyes from such rays
  • Theses lenses have the capability to block the UV rays from entering the eyes directly
  • They not just make the wearer comfortable but also make it an enjoyable experience
  • The lenses act as an extra layer of cover and protection from damage
  1. Do people who have dry eyes benefit if they buy acuvue trueye contact lenses? 
  • If the users wear the disposable lenses on a daily basis then it will surely not harm their eyes.
  • Each day the user will be putting on a fresh set of lenses and the lenses will be providing proper hydration to the eyes.
  • Till there is a flow of oxygen in the eyes, nothing can harm the eyes of the wear. If the oxygen level drops then it may cause distress, discomfort, and irritation to the user.
  • The acuvue trueye lenses have silicone hydrogel which benefits the eyes completely. 

These lenses are available in a range of eye powers. It starts from -12 and reach up to +6. Acuvue Lenses are produced with two curves and that is why the consumers are asked to consult an eye doctor before they buy acuvue trueye contact lenses from the market.


These lenses come with an inside- out projections so that the user does not feel uncomfortable while wearing them. The markings are extremely small but can be visible closely or under a microscope. These lenses have another unique feature of being slightly tinted with blue color so that it could be easily found if misplaced. But the tint will not change the color of the eye after wearing them over your eyes. These are the features why you should buy acuvue trueye contact lenses in place of any other brand. 


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