What can you do for your wedding anniversary

wedding anniversary

What can you do for your wedding anniversary with no money?

You can be one of those people who always plan an elaborate surprise for your wedding anniversary or you can be someone who loathes the idea of spending too much money on these events every year. 

Love should never be measured by the amount of money you can spend to express. Not everyone has the budget to present a diamond ring or bracelet as the anniversary gift. But there’s so much more that you can do to make your partner feel more valued and appreciated. With that being said, here is how you can impress your significant other even when you’re trying to put aside your savings for a better future together.

The Classic Breakfast in Bed

You cannot go wrong with this one, even if you are not an experienced culinary sensation. Simple comfort foods like pancakes, waffles, or bacon and eggs served with freshly brewed coffee or fresh orange juice should be enough to start the anniversary day! Moreover, surprises are best received when they are the least anticipated. So sneak into your kitchen before your spouse gets up!

A Long Drive

Do not miss the chance to do this at least once with your significant other! No matter which part of the world you’re living in a long drive is always a good idea for an intimate experience. Top it off with your favorite music – even if you two have a diverse taste. Celebrate your anniversary by valuing each others’ individuality!

More Comfort Food

Your gut releases 90% of your serotonin. Add some music and you’ve got your body releasing dopamine and with some oxytocin in your presence, you’ll have your spouse falling in love all over again with the simultaneous surge of all three hormones! And that’s backed by science. So grab your spouse’s favorite comfort food recipe – whether it’s cheesy pizza, macaroni, brownies, or an entire pound of cake – and get cooking! Or maybe just cook together if you’re not too good in the kitchen. Sing, dance, and rejoice while you’re at it – nothing better than making loving memories together!

Photograph Your Spouse for an Entire Year Before Your Anniversary

Nothing expresses love better than a piece of art. And you will certainly cherish this effort for life. Take pictures of your significant other, especially when you do not notice you. While they’re peacefully sleeping, quietly working on a project they are passionate about, or simply spending time with the kids – any activity that they completely indulged in. And then create a slideshow expressing how much their efforts mean to you. Most marriages become stale because partners feel like their efforts aren’t being noticed – take this as a chance to make them feel seen and loved. Maybe watch the slideshow together at a bonfire with close friends after that long drive?

Write Love Notes to Each Other

Act like you are teenagers again and leave no stone unturned in expressing your love in writing. Better yet, do so in several different languages. As time passes we don’t seem to propose our love to our spouses quite often. Take your anniversary as a single day for completing your yearly quota of expressing love.

Give Your Spouse a Spa at Home

From facials, manicures, pedicures to massages, celebrate the day by doing everything you can that comes under self-care. Give your significant other a break from all their duties and simply relax together.

Sing a Love Song for Your Spouse

Even if you have a little command over any instrument, express your love for your spouse by singing a love song. It doesn’t have to be perfect – it just may add to one of your lovable, cherished memories or may simply be a great comic relief.

Dress Up in Your Wedding Attire

People are obsessed with renewing their vows, so why don’t you give it shot as well at your next wedding anniversary? Wear your wedding clothes to recreate your look and refresh your memories – see how far you have come along!  

Play Games Together

Take time off to play your favorite board game, video game, arcade, or indoor game together. Involve your children as well, especially if they are younger. Nothing brings the family together better than a good meal and a fun game!

Finally, remember to let go of your expectations and always live in the moment by making happy, loving memories together. Life is too short to spend wanting for more than what one can offer, and being ungrateful with what one is blessed with.


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