What Goes into Video Production?

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Video production refers to creating and producing videos for TV, the internet, or home video content. It mostly entails writing scripts, shooting the video scenes, and editing the videos for consumer use. 

Generally, video production is a tedious process, but it is worthwhile. Videos are by far the most consumed content type in the world right now. This can be attributed to the fact that it is more engaging and entertaining than other types of video content. And that explains why businesses are taking to corporate video production like fish to water. Nowadays, big corporations and businesses use videos for advertisements and promotions, internal presentations and communications, and customer engagement. Even nonprofits are using videos as a way of promoting awareness among the public. Nowadays, you will find big brands on social media using videos for promotions or awareness missions. 

But what goes into video production? Read on to find out more about what happens behind the scenes of your favorite TV shows, commercials, and videos. 

What Does Video Production Entail?

Video production is a process containing three major steps; pre-production (scriptwriting), production (video shooting), and post-production (video editing, adding animations, graphics, music, and other effects to make the videos clear and entertaining). 

Video Pre-Production

Video pre-production is the first step of video making. All the videos you see, love and enjoy watching began from this stage, pre-production. The stage is also known as scriptwriting and mapping. In this stage, you begin by asking yourself:

  • What type of video content do you intend to create?
  • How do you want to create it?
  • What will it revolve around?
  • I What audience are you making that content for?
  • What resources do you need to create that content?
  • How long will the entire process of producing the video be?

By answering this question, you can map out what you intend to do and the type of content you will create by the end of the entire video production process. Generally, this is the longest step in video production because it takes proper planning to create content that sells. The better you plan, especially scripting and preparing scenes, the better the videos you get at the end of the process. 

During this phase, you will have to assess your goals and objectives for creating the video. You will also have to ensure that you have all that it takes to create the video. Then you will proceed to writing a script or designing a storyboard. With a solid script and a storyboard, you can determine what equipment you need for the production phase. You’ll also need to cast talent or find actors to act the scenes for you. You’d see why proper planning is essential for the entire production process to come together.


After getting all the pieces together during pre-production, it is now time to produce the actual video. In this stage, you film the video following the storyboard. Here, you are the video producer, and depending on the intensity of the video you are producing, you might have to hire a few people to help you around. 

The main steps determine the areas for shooting each scene, scheduling a shoot, setting up equipment, preparing and directing the talent/actors, and acquiring the B-roll footage for the editing stage. It is good to ensure that you have everything set properly because the quality of the video begins here. 


The post-production stage mainly entails taking the best shots and takes and piecing them together. Essentially, you cut down everything to leave only the best and well-shot parts of the video, fitting these parts into the desired length, adding colors, recording voiceovers, adding special effects, graphics, animations, and music, which completes the entire process. 

In this stage, you will use video editing software. You can group your work into the important bits, then import those bits into your editing software. That way, you will have better organization when editing the video. That concluded the video production process. 

Final Thoughts

Video production is the process of creating videos for TV, social media, advertisements, among others. It mainly entails three main steps; pre-production or preparation and scriptwriting, production or shooting, and post-production or editing. 


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