What is Education? Do we perceive it rightly?


We often misunderstand the concept of education. We believe that the initial ten years of schooling and six years of high school and university are education. However, it is not so. Education has no set boundaries. Everything that we tend to learn throughout our life, formally or informally, all are considered education. Education is essential for everyone as it guides an individual towards the right way of life and helps better understand different aspects.

Often when we see the question coming “what are you doing nowadays?” and promptly reply with “just completed education” we are giving a biased answer. Practically, whatever we learn at school or in university, its application in the professional aspect is much less or not at all. Securing optimal employment in desired fields is the key aim of every individual. The initial objective is not stimulated towards increased earning. Still, it is directed to gain practical hands-on experience and become associated with the learning of the target organisation so that a significant value of an individual can be developed within the market and opportunities in the future for success can be secured positively. All of this process can be summed up as an initiative for continuous education.

How can we determine good education?

Unfortunately, promising education in this world is only available for those who can afford it. Education is considered the fundamental right and an emerging need for every human being on earth. However, the educational system across the globe is highly biased. This is because personal interests and aspects of earning tend to surround the system, and those who deserve tend to get left behind. This is a moment of realisation which hardly anyone does.

A good education is not determined by high-end infrastructures or taught in a well-established environment in a developed region. A good education is classified by the quality of the information and knowledge provided. We usually hear people commenting that “The Cambridge System” offers the best quality information. It is valid to a certain extent that Cambridge is an advanced education system managed on an optimised level. In contrast, the syllabus is continuously updated regarding the external environment’s trending topics, which will ultimately benefit the learning individual. However, it is argued at the same time that the Cambridge System is expensive in a variety of regions. Hence, a partial justification is developed, which needs to be mitigated effectively from the environment.

Education that helps an individual prosper in life and remain successful in the long term can be classed as being “good”. It doesn’t matter if you receive your education through a publicly-controlled institution or the Cambridge system, whether you had been a part of a formal educational environment or were taught privately. As long as you can reflect on learning positively, you will be considered as being well-educated.

What are Emerging Trends in Education?

Despite all the barriers and contradictions placed against education and its system across the world, new developments are being planned and introduced frequently to make things better. Similarly, technical advancements have played an essential role in improving our reach towards education effectively and efficiently. Platform that will provide in-depth guidance towards how education should be directed in today’s environment and what should be equipped within an individual aiming to obtain the best education one can for long-term success.

Virtual learning and education is a new norm which is being focussed all across the globe. You don’t need to travel miles to gain good education whereas equipping oneself with a laptop or even a smartphone with an active internet connection would allow you to connect with thousands of teachers in the world and have a chance of enrolling on virtual classes. Education over the internet itself is an opportunity to explore different aspects of learning which can develop skills that can be effective within professionalism.

Recently, the whole world has been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic during which a complete country-wide lockdown situation was observed. All educational institutions were immediately closed after resuming from extensive winter vacations, which was a critical situation for the students’ academic progress. However, the passage of time made everyone realise what loss it had been for the youngsters and hence different solutions were being searched for. Learning over video conference call as a resolution was highlighted, and the Zoom smart application was adapted for the purpose. Today, several classes are being conducted through Zoom, allowing teachers to keep practising their responsibilities whereas encouraging the students with their education and learning requirements. This solution would not have been emphasised until there was a need, and hence it indeed contributed to the cause successfully.

Encouraging education and its development positively should be a chain that we all should become an active part of. We all need to acknowledge our role in society and taking the initiative within personal spaces for positivity. Learning through different practical scenarios, such as through the on-going Pandemic, is a reasonable approach which can develop new strategies and tactics.

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