What is the fastest way to get rid of fruit nats & flies?


Fruit nats are black or dark brown insects. They come under two categories, biting and non- biting , But most found in fruits are non- biting . They look like flies, have slender bodies and thin wings.

Fruit bats emerge in rotten fruits and fruits kept open for days without proper cover. The first and easy thing to get rid of fruit nats is to get rid of rotten fruit. Another way is to eat overripe fruit.  The fruit in refrigeration remains fresh for a longer period for later use. It is totally in our control to prevent fruit nats from emerging. But in cases if some fruit nats have emerged, the ways to get rid of them are easy to follow and implement.

Easy way to get rid of fruit nats

Fruit flies are found in the kitchen where fruit is kept or in any place where fruits are placed.  The possibility of finding fruit flies is also higher in wet and damp places . So, the first step is never keep overripe fruit for days. The overripe fruits create conditions for emergence of nats or gnats. The larvae of fruit flies live in infested part of the fruit. The problem is severe in countries with hot and humid climates .

Vinegar aroma

Fruit gnats are attracted by vinegar aroma and sugar. Use this trap in the place where fruits files are emerging. The concoction is made by mixing sugar and warm water in a small container. Add some vinegar and dish soap and leave the container overnight close to fruits with nats.  Place the same mixer in small containers in different parts of the home, where you feel the presence of gnats. Make sure that the aroma of the mixer is escaping from the container to attract the flies or gnats.

Use mature fruit slices

Fruits flies love fruits. Use this fact to make them come to the place where you can trap them. This is one of the easiest ways to kill fruit flies. Place some mature fruit slices in an open container. Make sure that fruit slices are ripe or overripe. The idea is to attract fruit flies to the sugar of the ripe fruit. The more mature fruit, the more effective it will be for attracting flies.

Place this container near the place frequented by flies. Next day you will have a container full of flies.  Repeat the process till you are sure of total elimination of fruit flies.

Keep fruits clean to avoid Fruit nats

The microscopic fungus that is formed on the fruit becomes the breeding ground of flies. So, keeping fruits clean is the effective prevention method.

Cover fruit in a jar or air tight container to keep them fresh. The uncovered fruit gets infected with flies easily. Clean plates and place where fruit was cut for salad or servings. Clean dishes and trash and sticky places.  

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Do not give the breeding ground to flies

There are many places in your home that may be the breeding ground for flies. Indoor plants in old soil are also a source of flies.  The microscopic fungus in the old soil is an attractive place for them. The same fungus comes on fruits in your room. This in turn attracts fruit flies. So, change the soil in indoor plants.

All aforementioned ways eliminate breeding grounds for fruit flies and keep your fruit safe and clean , With simple steps you prevent spread of germs and bacteria.During summer days, keep fruits in cold and damp free places. As far as possible, take fruits within a few days of their purchase, if fruits are part of a healthy diet, use them with skin after proper cleaning. Juice eliminates fiber content of fruit, which is good for gut health.  

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