What is the Huawei Identity verification system?

Huawei Identity verification system

Huawei identity verification system is used by many companies to ensure that users or customers provide information associated with the identity of a real and authenticate person. The service can verify the authenticity of physical identity documents such as a driving license, passport, or nationally issued identity document through a document verification system. In this article, we’ll discuss about Huawei identity verification system.

Need to verify identity

HUAWEI Developer offers various features and services to help its members develop high quality applications. By authenticating developer information, this identity verification process creates a trusted Internet environment and ensures secure services for device users.

How can I verify my identity?

You can identify your identity easily by following these steps.

  1. Log in to your Huawei developer with registered account.
  2. Join Huawei developer to redirect to the identity verification page.
  3. Now select Individual or company identity verification.

Now the question is what documents I need to verify my identity. Let’s discuss about required documents. There are two type of identification first is individual and second one is company identity verification.

Individual Identity verification:

There are following methods to verify individual identity. You can use any single which is easy and feasible for you.

  1. Upload your scanned copy of passport and bank card with your name.
  2. Uploading your scanned national identity card with your full name written in roman characters and your bank card with your name.
  3. By uploading your scanned driving license with your full name written in roman characters and bank card with your name.

Company identity verification:

For identify your company Huawei made and simple process you just you need to tell your company’s DUNS number.

After these uploading of documents the Huawei developers verify your identity in one to two working days. Which is quick fast and really impressive.

What is DUNS number and how I can get it?

DUNS number is a unique nine digit identifier for the any business. If you don’t have DUNS number you can apply for it in following methods.

If you apply for a DUNS number on the HUAWEI platform, you will receive a DUNS number within 7 business days, after getting DUNS number you can immediately sign up for a HUAWEI Developer account. This service costs 80 USD. If you required an invoice after applying, please contact the customer service staff via the customer service system and we will send you an electronic invoice to your email address.

If you request a free DUNS number on the official D&B website, you will receive a DUNS number within 30-45 business days. However, you will have to wait another 3 months for the global data to sync with the backend, after which you can sign up for a HUAWEI Developer account.

If you have applied for a DUNS number on another platform, you can use the number to apply for a HUAWEI Developer account and there is no need to re-apply for a DUNS number. Note that it takes time (7 to 135 days depending on the application mode) to synchronize the DUNS number with the D&B global system and it is possible that the submitted DUNS number will not be queried. In this case, you can try again after the sync is successful.

Why Identity verification system require my personal data?

The ID card, passport, driver’s license, and bank card are used to verify and match identity information, demonstrating that the information registered with HUAWEI Developer and the qualifications provided correspond to the same person. HUAWEI Developer will not collect or withhold money from the bank card you have provided.