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Today we will talk about one of the pioneers in the world of aquariums. It’s about a goldfish. Its scientific name is the crucian carp Auratus and it is also known collectively as the golden carp. And the fact is that this species was one of the first to be used as pets after capture. Their fame as pets is so great that today they are most of all in ordinary aquariums in all homes.

Here we explain everything about this species. From their basic characteristics to their care to keep them healthy in our aquarium. Want to learn more about goldfish?

Scientific name of goldfish: Carassius auratus.

Common names and types of goldfish: Pearly Veiltail (Calico Veiltail), Comet (Comet), Black Moor (Black Moor), Shogun or Water Eyes (Bubble eye), Lionhead (Lionhead), Ranchu (Ranchu), Oranda (Oranda), Pearl ( Pearl Scale), Ryukin, Panda, Fantail, Tosakin, Orange Fantail, Black Fantail, Stargazer (Celestial), etc. 

Features of goldfish

This type of fish has a size of about 60 cm in length. However, depending on your care and type of genetics, specimens up to 90 cm long have been found . If the fish lives in the wild, it can weigh up to 30 kg. However, when cared for and raised in captivity, the weight is half.

They have a fairly long lifespan so they are more suitable as pets and don’t need to be changed as often. Depending on its care and the habitat in which it develops, it is able to live up to 15 years. They are the perfect pond fish for its color and size.

They are quite friendly and not aggressive fish. They can perfectly coexist with other types of fish in the same aquarium or pond. The body is yellow, not elongated. It is a golden yellow hue with small orange flashes on the tail and fins. They are quite good at swimming and can search for food quickly. Usually you can see them gathered in groups so as not to feel threatened and protect each other.

Habitat for goldfish

Habitat for goldfish

Goldfish live in all freshwater areas. It cannot be found in the ocean . It is most expedient to prepare a habitat in the house that is as close as possible to the natural one – this is to use reservoirs. These reservoirs guarantee greater mobility and a place where they are used to.

There are experts who have thoroughly studied this species and can argue that they live better in captivity than in their natural habitat. At first glance, this may seem strange, since in captivity neither durability nor weight is enough. However, these are species that are used to living like this. The only feature that keeps these fish in their natural habitat is the temperature of the water in which they live. Otherwise, they could not develop, and the species became extinct.

In captivity, they live much better, and even more so in ponds. Therefore, it is vital to have them as pets if we can guarantee them an ideal habitat.

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Behavior and feeding

Goldfish have a fairly calm state. Usually it does not cause problems if living with other species. Since they always cluster when there is more than one instance, it is rare to see just one. In their natural habitat they are more prone to fighting other species, but in captivity they are really calm.

These are very curious fish that love to explore everything around. They will always be looking for something new to have fun and explore.

As far as your diet is concerned, they are considered omnivorous fish. They feed both on plants in their environment and on other species around them. Their menu usually consists of insects, bacteria, larvae, sprouts and eggs of other species. It is the latter that makes the goldfish considered a predator. Many other species must watch their young to avoid catching goldfish.

To feed him, if he is our pet, we have nothing to worry about. You can serve him food that is sold in fish stores, both alive and inanimate. It may be a good idea to supplement the diet with live food. Some grubs, sea fleas, or bacteria are good choices. For the vegetable part , you can give him lettuce and cauliflower. If we want to treat him from time to time, we can give him shrimp. At first, if we have been with these fish for a short time, they will be a little afraid and reluctant to try the food. However, over time, his distrust will pass, and he will eat everything.

His predatory appearance can be so in captivity. Catching eggs of other species can take place in your aquarium or pond. You should have more control over these fish when other species are in their breeding season.


Reproduction of goldfish

Goldfish reproduction is somewhat more complicated. Conditions should be the most suitable for reproduction. It occurs in both natural and artificial habitats. They reach sexual maturity at two years of age. It depends entirely on how long you have been able to develop during that time. Not only environmental conditions must be strict, but also sufficient nutrition for its growth.

Reproduction is not very difficult if you take care of goldfish from the first moment. If they are cared for in ponds, breeding will be much easier. The higher the ambient temperature, the higher the chance of reproduction. It is necessary that the water temperature be higher so that reproduction occurs in better conditions. This happens in the spring.

Courtship is the same whether they are in their natural habitat or in ponds. The most normal thing is that this is a male who is trying to chase the female in order to get her. Fertilization occurs when the male who has achieved this repeatedly pushes the female against the rocks or seaweed around. So the female releases eggs, and the male fertilizes them.

I hope with this information you can learn more about goldfish.

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