What is the significance of Laxmi Ji and Ganesh Ji’s worship on Diwali?


Diwali, a festival of lights that also serves as a reminder of the triumph of good over evil, is extensively celebrated throughout India. As part of the celebration of Diwali, we clean our homes, prepare rangoli, bake sweets and decorate with diyas, as well as perform Aarti to beg for blessings. Even though Diwali falls on the Amavasya day of the Ashwin month, it is still considered a good day. Every year, in November, we commemorate the return of Lord Rama to his homeland after 14 years of exile, as we have done since his exile began. We’ll dress up in traditional clothes, exchange Diwali gifts for friends, Diwali sweets and bring Laxmi Ji and Ganesha Ji Murtis back with us to our respective homes for the holiday. The years pass, and our relatives and friends begin to inquire why we choose to worship Maa Laxmi and Ganesha on this day rather than the Hindu deity Lord Rama. You might be thinking, but don’t you think we should be praying to Lord Rama for his blessings instead?

What is the significance of Maa Laxmi’s worship on Diwali?

In today’s article, we will explain why it is essential to worship Maa Laxmi and Ganesha Ji during Diwali and the significance of these deities. The book Kartika-Mahatmya is about a poor Brahman who went to a priest for advice and received it. The priest requested that the Brahman offer sacrifices to Maa Laxmi for her to rain wealth upon him and his family. Because Vishnu Ji is presently sleeping, Laxmi Ji will shower compassion on the Brahman and grant him the wealth he requires. Vishnu Ji sleeps from the eleventh lunar day of Asadh to the eleventh lunar day of Kartikey. As a result, Diwali is the best night between the two. Now that we are in the Kaliyug, also known as Rajo Guna, people yearn for success, wealth, and luxury in their daily lives. It was also suggested that instead of directly addressing Laxmi Ji, one should worship Vishnu Ji to soothe her. People worship them during Diwali because Vishnu Ji is asleep, and Shastra suggests satisfying Maa Laxmi immediately, which is why they are worshipped directly.

According to the scriptures, if you worship Vishnu Ji to appease Maa Laxmi, the wealth you receive will inspire you to spread Krishna awareness, which is difficult to come by in today’s world. As a result, you make an effort to appease Maa Laxmi, thereby generating your Karma individually. Depending on your activities, Karma will either send you to hell or the land of the free. This hypothesis no longer explains why we worship Maa Laxmi on Diwali, but rather why we worship Maa Laxmi and Ganesha Ji together on the festival of lights.

What is the significance of Ganesh Ji being worshipped with Maa Laxmi on Diwali?

Vishnu Ji overheard Maa Laxmi talking about how she may utilize her skills to make anyone prosperous on a lovely day, and she expressed her gratitude to him. Vishnu Ji thought she was bragging about her accomplishments, but she sounded more like a self-centered person speaking to him than she appeared to be. So, he attempted to crush her ego by declaring that women who have never experienced motherhood are unfinished, making her sad. It was then that she went to Maa Parvati and asked her to bestow Ganesha Ji onto her, bless her with motherhood, and complete her life. God Ganesha was her favorite, and she wished to adopt him as her own. The fact that Maa Laxmi does not have a permanent house and hence may not care for Ganesha did not sit well with Maa Parvati; nevertheless, Maa Laxmi promised Maa Parvati that if someone did not worship Ganesha, she would not shower her compassion on them. Ganesha would be worshipped alongside her at all times, and she would always show him the tremendous respect possible. As a result, Maa Parvati had faith in Ganesha and let him join Maa Laxmi on her journey. So, anytime we mention Maa Laxmi, we also mention Ganesha Ji due to this association. This is one of the reasons why the murtis of Laxmi Ji and Ganesha Ji are placed during the festival of Diwali.

According to another point of view, wealth without wisdom is analogous to chocolate without teeth. What to do with the money you’ve been given will always be a mystery to you, and to make the right decision, you’ll need wisdom, which you can obtain by worshipping Ganesha Ji. Because of Lord Ganesha’s wisdom and intellect, we worship him before making financial decisions or launching any new project. He is the God of success and fortune, and as we gain wealth and luxury, we rely on his wisdom and judgment. Therefore, Lord Ganesha and Maa Laxmi are worshipped together to eliminate obstructions and bring about a state of equilibrium.

Lastly, some thoughts.This is Kalyug, and we are enslaved by wealth and luxury. On Diwali, we invite Laxmi Ji and Ganesha Ji Murtis into our homes to gain wealth and luxurious living. Cleaning every nook and cranny of our home, sprinkling Gangajal, baking delectable Diwali sweets, decorating with earthen lamps and diyas, creating flamboyant rangoli, using flowers for decorative purposes, exchanging gifts with friends and family, and performing Aarti are all done to please Maa Laxmi and Ganesha Ji. I wish you a joyous and safe Diwali!!!!!!! We hope that this article has answered all of your queries and that you have a wonderful Diwali celebration this season. Moreover, buy diwali gifts online for your favourite folk around and make them read this article.

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