What Makes A Laptop The Best Laptop?


The ‘best’ laptop can be a fairly subjective judgement to cast on any given laptop. Instead, it might be more useful to identify the best laptop within a certain price range, or for a certain purpose — or bundle of purposes, or the best laptop within a category like lightweight laptops or laptops with big screens, perhaps.

A few factors to look at when buying a laptop include:

RAM – RAM determines how many tasks your laptop will be able to handle simultaneously. Less RAM can be the cause of a slow machine that does not let its user multitask.

Remember that when your laptop is running, whatever you are doing on it — writing an email, noting down points on a Word document, crunching numbers on an Excel sheet, or intensive tasks like gaming, streaming or video conferencing, all of it uses RAM. Unless you’re on a very tight budget, it is best to get a minimum of 8GB RAM when investing in a new laptop. If you are looking for the best laptops in India under 30,000 INR, you can certainly insist on 4GB RAM.

Processor – We might not be able to educate you on all the processors in the market, but as a rule of thumb, you’re looking for Intel or AMD Ryzen processors. Intel seems to be the preferred choice for your average laptops, and Ryzen seems to emerge as the go-to option for design and gaming machines.

In terms of Intel, you can call Core i3 and Core i5 the mid-range processors, Core i7 a high end processor, and the Core i9 can probably be categorized as the go-to processor for premium laptops. The numbers do not indicate anything about the number of cores, but yes, they are indicative of their processing power. Additionally, the clock speed of your processor should be at least 2.0GHz.

Operating system – Although it is a given for most laptops, we feel like it is necessary to caution potential buyers, who are looking to get the best laptops in India under 30000 INR about ensuring that their new laptop comes with the Windows 10 OS. If it comes with Windows Home or Student 2019 pre-installed, you’re getting a good deal. Ideally, it is not a great idea to go with a machine that comes without Microsoft Windows, unless of course you are comfortable with Linux-based laptops.

Purpose for use – If you are a corporate worker, working on Word, Excel and Powerpoint for most part, with a ton of video meetings, and the occasional movie being the scope-of-work for your new laptop, your requirements will be different from a user who intends their laptop to be a gaming partner or a design station.

Graphics cards take on far more importance for the latter two categories, as do coolants and cooling solutions. But you would be hard-pressed to find superior cooling solutions even among the best laptops in India under 30,000 INR.

Weight and size – Are you someone who lives an on-the-go existence? Do you often find yourself lugging your laptop around, while you walk to your car or wait for your taxi or bus ? If you said yes to any of those, then perhaps you should invest in a lightweight laptop.

The best laptop for you is one that does not give you a neck ache or backache after a few meetings, over and above its technical features. Of course, life is not yet back to pre-pandemic normalcy, and as such, most of us are not going on frequent physical meetings. But since you’re buying a new laptop, do consider your health while identifying a good laptop.

Service centres – Before you go with a certain brand, do a quick check to see where the nearest service centre is. There should be one within your neighbourhood or suburb ideally. Brands which do not have service centres within reach are a big no-no.

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