What Makes DNA Certified Sir Walter Grass So Popular And Reliable?


Sir Walter DNA-certified grass is a variety of buffalo grass bred in Australia. It is considered the best grass because of its versatility and hardiness. It has dark green broadleaf, which is soft to touch and gives your yard an inviting and lush look. Sir Walter grass performs well in all weather conditions, whether sunny, shady, extreme heat, drought, and frost.

What Makes DNA Certified Sir Walter Grass So Popular And Reliable?

This grass is also resistant to insects and fungal pests. Apart from these factors, the main reasons that make it so popularity and reliable are given in this article, so read the full info here:

  1. Low maintenance

Sir Walter Buffalo has low maintenance and also prevents the growth of weeds. Even if they get damaged, they can repair themselves within a short period. It requires less watering, low thatch grass, which means no excess heating and insulation from temperature change. It requires less mowing and fertilizing as compared to other grass varieties.

  1. Shade and wear and tear tolerant 

Sir Walter grass has a soft texture. Therefore, it is great for kids and pets because of its plush feel due to its delicate leaves. Due to its broad leaves that offer better photosynthesis it easily adapts to shady areas than any other option. It survives wear and tear as it grows and recovers fast. They can quickly grow in full sun too.

  1. Weed, disease, and fungus resistant

Sir Walter grass is weed resistant, i.e., it prevents the growth of weed in lawns. This feature ensures a safe place for your kids or pets to play. It is also disease and fungus-resistant; this means that your garden will be free from mosses and other conditions that can damage your grass.

  1. High drought resistance

Sir Walter DNA-certified grass is made to survive through frequent climate. When heat is intense, grass will stay on a limited water supply when there are water restrictions. Although it requires water regularly during such conditions, it requires less water as compared to other grass.

  1. Backed by a national warranty

No matter how big or small, a certificate of authenticity is issued for every Sir Walter grass. This certificate provides you a guarantee that the Sir Walter grass purchased is genuine. Also, it comes with a ten-year product warranty.

It is also some additional features such as:

  • Low allergenic 
  • Keeps your home cooler 
  • Self-repairing 
  • Salt tolerant
  • Cheaper than other grass
  • Broad leaves
Conclusion | What Makes DNA Certified Sir Walter Grass So Popular And Reliable?

DNA Certified Sir Walter grass is the best choice installed in any backyard and will give excellent results. It grows almost everywhere and is the most suitable for kids and pets. Its certification gives you proof that the grass is genuine. It is the highest quality grass and the most reliable, which offers exceptional features. What Makes DNA Certified Sir Walter Grass So Popular And Reliable? DNA certified turf because it is a resilient turf type that can thrive in any best Australian climate from there.

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